“Kyotips” is our unique word combining “Kyoto” and “tips”.

We introduce a lot of experience informations that can only be done in Kyoto, and useful informations or useful tips you want to know by all means when coming to Kyoto!

Popular information that everyone wants to know and no one knows information or secret information that you would like to tell someone and so on, this website contains lots of “Kyotips”!

Please try searching the “Kyotips” at any time, if you wonder what you should do in Kyoto.

There are still a lot of unknown Kyotips sleeping in this town.
Let’s run around Kyoto with us under the slogan “Kyotips”!


That’s why local-oriented!kyotips

All the staff of “Things to do in Kyoto” live in Kyoto.
Things to do in Kyoto be packed with “Kyotips” that I’d recommend as a Kyoto person!
It will be a strong ally of your journey!



Real voice!


The experience information of Things to do in Kyoto have some real review that people who actually experience it.
And master craftsmanship information have craftsmen ‘s real voice.
We are delivering realistic “Kyotips” that we do not know with only information on the internet.

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Even more!

We will add new interesting information other than these!
Kyotips is rolling like a pebble in Kamogawa 🙂

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We are waiting for messages from everyone, example “I want to experience some of event in Kyoto”, “I want you to experience this event” and so on!

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