The mystery of the Kyoto prefectural governments address notation~Sakyo-ku is on the right and Ukyo-ku is the left?~



You have seen it carefully to Kyoto Maps?

There are 11 ward of the city of Kyoto. In 11 wards, a ward called Sakyo-ku and Ukyo-ku is inclded.Sakyo ward is written in Japanese as “左京区“.”” means left. Ukyo ward is written in Japanese as “右京区“.”” means right. But please check the position of these two wards on a map.Don’t you feel any sense of incongruity? On the map, Sakyo ward is on the right side(the east side), and Ukyo ward is on the left side (the west). It which right and left become against! Why is it?


Heian-kyo in imitation of the capital of China

The reason why Sakyo and Ukyo are against right and left on a map is, “The emperor faces to the south” in short. It is said that Heian-kyo makes a model of the capital of China and was made. Those days when Heian-kyo was built in Japan, It was considered to be a commonplace a monarch tumed to the south in China, and to do politics. This is ,”The emperor faces to the south”.When I apply this to Kyoto of the Heian era, I prepare the Emperor’s palace into the north side of the capital , and it is expected that the Emperor turns to the south and performs politics. When the Emperor turns to the south, the left is the east and the right is west.

Sakyo and Ukyo of Kyoto were the left and the right that they looked at from the Emperor. As you see. The name still remained, it became the current district name, the position of Heian-kyo remained, the right side became Sakyo ward, and the left side became Ukyo ward.


Kyoto has several other things and places where the right and left are reversed following this. This will make a later story again:)


When you do sightseeing in kyoto, be careful with the right and left!

It is a reason that only Kyoto follows the ancient tradition of Japan. I do not know if it is good or bad, but the Kyoto tradition is confusing for strangers.

This is why, left and right in Kyoto is or may not be reversed. Kyoto is difficult.

Please be careful not to get lost whenmoving:->


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