How to find your lost property


Traveling which gives you a special atmosphere is great fun, doesn’t it?

You can enjoy visiting the beautiful sightseeing spots, having delicious meals and taking a variety of transportation…
We hope you can get only such sweet memories…,but  you might encounter some problems.

Aren’t you absorbed in sightseeing, forgetful of your luggage?

If you leave your luggage somewhere…
If you  lose your valuables somewhere…

What will you do? Will you try to search it yourself?

Well…it is hard to find it at the most of countries.  

But, please don’t let it get you down!
In most case, you can find and recover a lost property in Japan!!

There are police boxes (KOBAN) where policeman always stays everywhere ,and a lost property control center at the stations or in the public facilities.

However, please take notice that the way for receiving a lost property is different depending on the day or the place.

Then, what should you do if you lose your property?
We will introduce the way for different situations!

【In a train or in a station yard】

■Case1. You remember what station you left your property at.

・・・Ask the corresponding station. Lost properties are kept on the same day at the station.


■Case2. You left your property in the train.

・・・Visit the closest station, and  have a station officer check the property.


■Case3. You don’t remember whether you left the property on the train or in the station yard.

・・・Inquire the lost property control center.


《Kyoto Station》
Kyoto statuion Building Lost and Found /

《JR Line(Kyoto area) 》
Lost and Found
TEL:0570-00-2486 / Opening time:6:00~23:00

《Subway 》
Karasuma Oike station Information center  /
TEL:075-213-1650 / Opening time:7:00~19:30

《Hankyu Railway》
*On the Same day・・・Traffic Information Center
TEL: 0570-089-500 or 06-6133-3473  / Opening time :Weekdays 9:00~22:00 Weekend 9:00~19:00

*After the next day 13:00~・・・  Umeda station Lost and Found
TEL: 06-6373-5226 / Opening time:8:30~19:45

《Keihan Railway 》
*On the same day・・・Inquire each station  

*After the nextday 12:00~・・・ Kyobashi Station Lost and Found  

【In a bus】

■Case1. You left your property in the bus.
・・・Visit the closest business bus office, and  have a officer check  the property.

■Case2. You noticed that you left it in the bus after get off.
・・・You inquire the main information center.


《Kyoto City bus 》
* On the same day・・・Inquire each station 

*After the next day・・・  Kitaoji Information center
TEL: 075-493-0410 / Opening time 7:30~19:30

《Kyotobus 》
Inquire the head office
TEL: 075-871-7521 / Opening time 9:00~18:00


【In a public facilities】

■Case1. You left your belongings in the building
■Case2. You don’t remember whether you left it in the building

・・・You inquire the customer support center or  information center

  * A few days later, it may be moved to a police station   

【Remember nothing…】

You inquire the police station or  the closest police box

★It is possible to search from the web site below (Japanese language)

When you inquire you should prepare information about you and the lost property.

・the situation that you lost it
・Characteristics of your item
・passport or  identification card

It is said that the return rate of lost property in Japan is  the highest in the world.  

Please calm down ,even if you lose your item.

Japanese people surely help you when you are in trouble.