Let’s visit to the shrine in Kyoto!


Kyoto is the city where there are a lot of old shrines and temples.

A visit to a shrine is one of the true pleasure to go on a trip to Kyoto.

It is very popular to visit the shrines and temples in Kyoto that is the outside appearance unique to Japan.

However, Japanese shrines and temples are very solemn atmosphere spot, therefore exist manners or rules!

Try to prior confirmation and try to proper visit a shrine or temples.

This page introduce about shrine in Kyoto.

What is Japanese Shinto shrine?

Japanese shrine is belong to Shinto and it’s worshiping traditional Japanese god.

Shinto is unique to Japanese polytheism that is religion of “yaoyorozu no kami”(“eight million gods”),and it take root about 2,600 years ago. A god worhipped is different each shrines. So, goriyaku (divine favor) varies depending on the shrine visited. The difference of shrine and temple is difficult for visitor. But no worries, there is “torii” (gateway of ashrine) at the entrance in only shrine. It’s said that boundary of divine world and human world.

How to pay a visit to a shrine

make a bow in kyoto shrine

Make a bow, beefore you enter tori gate.


To cleanse oneself at chozuya .

throw money

Before the altar, throw money into the offertory box.

ring the bell

Ring the bell.It’s a greeting to god.

bow twise

Before your pray, bow twice.

clap your hands

And clap your hands twice.


Pray by pressing your palms together.

bow one more time

Then bow one more time.

How to use chozuya

The hand washing facility equipped in the Japanese shrine is called “chozuya”.


Before worshiping at a shinto shrine, you need to purify your hands and mouth. Because of shinto shrine is sanctuary of Japanese god.

left hand

Take the wooden dipper in your right hand and fill it with water. Pour the water over your left hand.

right hands

Then take the dipper in your left and pour water over your right hand.


Take the dipper again in your right hand and pour some water into the cupped palm of your left hand. Rinse your mouth with this water. (Please be careful not to rinse your mouth directly from the dipper!)

Finally, hold the dipper vertically so that the remaining water can wash the handle of the dipper. Place the dipper back in its original position.

Let’s visit to a shrine in Kyoto!

Once you have learned how to visit the shrine, let’s go to a shrine in Kyoto!
I introduce four shrines that are particularly popular in Kyoto.
Let’s visit the shrine where you are interested and find a shrine perfect for you.If you visit the shrine in Kyoto, your mind will be beautiful!

Opening Times Divine favor Access Web page
Yasaka shrine Any times Warding off evil 5 minute walk from Keihan Gion Shijo Station
Opening Times Divine favor Access Web page
Fushimi Inari Taisha Any times business success Right next to Inari Station on the JR Nara Line
Opening Times Divine favor Access Web page
Heian Jingu shrine 6:00am-17:00pm Matchmaking
10 minute walk from
Higashiyama station on the
Kyoto city subway Tozai line.
Opening Times Divine favor Access Web page
Shimogamo shrine Any times Marriage

Child rearing

12 minute walk from Keihan Demachiyanagi station

The shrine in Kyoto has its gate open to all people!