Can you understand the Japanese-English word?! ~PartⅡ-Foods~


We took up a topic about “Wasei eigo (Japanese-English word)~Fashion~” before.

You must encounter Wasei eigo (Japanese-English word) during your trip in Japan.
If you try to use a Japanese-English word, you can have a  conversation with Japanese people smoothly!

One of the joys of a trip is foods, isn’t it?
Of course, I recommend a Washoku (Japanese  cuisine) !!  However, there are a variety of restaurants and cafes in Kyoto. I also highly recommend these places to tourists.


Recently, restaurants and cafes in Kyoto prepare a English or other languages menu ,and there are staffs who can speak foreign languages.
But, sometimes your English may not get through to  staffs at a local restaurant. I guess that the cause is not your English, but a  Japanese-English word.

If you speak Japanese-English word instead of English word, Japanese people will understand what you say soon!


This time, I will introduce Japanese-English words about foods.
When you have trouble with a order at a restaurant and so on, please use these words below.


Cream puff → シュークリーム [Shoe Cream : Shu-kuri-mu]


Custard pudding → プリン [Pudding : Purin]


French fries → フライドポテト [Fried potato: Furaido poteto]


Corn dog → アメリカンドッグ [American dog : American doggu]


Softdrink → ジュース [Juice: Ju-su]


Hot Chocolate → ココア [Cacao:Cocoa]


Beer mug → ビールジョッキ [Beer jug: Bi-ru  zyokki]


Decafe→ ノンカフェイン [Non caffeine: Non cafein]


Soft serve → ソフトクリーム [Soft cream: Sofuto kuri-mu]


Sausage→ ウインナー [Wiener: Uinnar]


Chief bartender→ マスター[Master : Masuta-]


Buffet  → バイキング [Vaiking: Baikingu]


Restaurants and cafes throughout Japan are full of these Japanese-English words.

Try to listen secretly to Japanese people’s conversation.
will find some Japanese-English words  in their conversation!