Can you understand the Japanese-English word?! ~PartⅠ-Fashion~


Have you ever been troubled anything during your trip abroad?
For example, a network environment , public transportation, taste of meals and so on.

One of the things tourists who come to Japan from overseas are troubled is a communication with Japanese people.

We can not say that Japanese people speak English well.
However, they willingly help tourists from overseas as much as they can. Even if they can not speak fluent English, you should be understood them with easy English words.

Still, sometimes you may  feel that it is hard to understand Japanese people  in English.
We guess that one of the causes of that is Wasei-eigo(Japanese-English word)!

Japanese-English word is Japanese word constructed of elements from one or more English terms.
Japanese-English words have been created by Japanese people and have been spreaded by mass media from Meiji period (1868~)to the present time.

In Japan, this is a common story that Japanese and tourist from overseas can not understand each other because of Japanese-English word .  

Many Japanese don’t notice that  it is not English. That’s why they notice  Japanese-English word only when their intention doesn’t get through to people from overseas.
Japanese-English words are such common words for Japanese people.


Now then, we will introduce Japanese-English words that Japanese people believe to be English!

Firstly, Japanese-English words about Fashion.
This should come in useful when you go shopping!!

Hoodie / Hoody→ パーカー [Parker : pa-ka-]



Dress shirts→ ワイシャツ [Y Shirts : wai shatsu]


Dress→ ワンピース  [One Piece : wan pi-su]


Pants→ ズボン [Jupon(French) : zubon]


Jeans→ Gパン [Gpan : ji-pan]



Jean jacket→ Gジャン [Gjan : ji-zyan]



Sleeve less→ ノースリーブ [No sleeve : no-sleebu] 


Earrings→ ピアス [Pierce : piasu]


Nail Polish→ マニキュア [Manicure : manikyua]



Backpack→ リュックサック [Rucksack : Ryukkusakku]


One-size-fits-all→ フリーサイズ [Free size : furi-saizu] 



Waist measurement→ ウェストサイズ [Waist size : uesuto saizu]



Made to order→ オーダーメイド [Ordar made : o-da-meido] 



Sale→ バーゲン [Bargain : ba-gen]

Please remember and use these Japanese-English words when your intention doesn’t get through to Japanese staff at a store. Japanese staffs should be understood it soon, and they willingly help your shopping!!