Is this park? This is park!


While traveling, sometimes we need the time to rest up. Especially in sunny day the park deserves one of the best places to chill out. And there are a lot of nice parks in Kyoto.

When you can see the boards on the traffics, you can know at least the direction. “公園” means a park in Japanese. So if you want to head for a park, you better to find the word ”公園” in the city or maps.

However, there are some tricky situations here.
Japanese people usually call public squares “park” no matter how small the space is.
For instance, this is『公園』in Japan according to Google.

This is a park…

And this is also a park in Kyoto city……

You will be disappointed if you arrive at these “parks” like above in spite of you want to get some rest in these parks like this, won’t you?
If you would like to go to a park in Kyoto, you may better to see the “touristic” maps unlike Google map, otherwise you may be conducted to shabby parks unfortunately. Going to the parks said in direction bourds in the city will be probably fine ☺