Gion Matsuri: Hiki-zome experience report!


It’s hot! Summer has come!

Kyoto is exciting  for the Gion Matsuri!

I experienced hiki-zome!


It is called “Hiki-zome” to test operation whether or not a hoko built for “Yamahoko-junko” moves properly.

It is only at this hiki-zome that you can see the actual movement othr than “Yamahoko-junko“.

It is made of technology called “nawa-garami” which reinforces with rope without using nails.

When it starts moving and stops, there is a big creak sound, and you can see the hoko swaying sideways during the move.

However, the shock is absorbed by this traditional technique “nawa-garami“, it will not be tilted or collapsed.

nawa-garami of gion matsuri


Hoko moves about the same speed as walking.

However, it seems that it is moving very quickly when looking at nearby because the hoko is very large!

large hoko of gion matsuri


Chigo(child of festivity) takes the “naginata-boko“.

Hiki-zome is not just a trial run.

Ondotori(director) and  ohayashi(People who liven up by instruments) take hoko and fascinate the audience just like the actual show.

ondo-tori of gionmatsuri


Ohayashi of gion matsuri


A large number of participants cooperate and drag it by hundreds of meters.

And  chigo also gets on naginata-boko.

Chigo of gion matsuri


You can also participate on the day.

The most glad thing at the hiki-zome is that ordinary people can participate.

Not only people concerned of the Gion Matsuri, but also anyone can pull.

In yamahoko-juko July 17 we  have to see it from afar, but everyone can pull hoko on this day so it will be exciting!

It is said that pulling a rope has an effect of warding off evil.

I have actually pulled at that!


Hiki-zome experience!

gion matsuri hiki-zome

There are so many people!
This is the Gion Matsuri!


gion matsuri hiki-zome

Somehow I was able to grasp the rope!
Everyone’s enthusiasm is amazing!


gion matsuri hiki-zome

Now, it began to move!
It is a start of hiki-zome!


gion matsuri hiki-zome

After all, the Gion Matsuri is fun!
I hope this year will be a good year!


Well, the Gion Festival has gotten more excited!

gion matsuri


There are lots of Gion Matsuri events in July!

I will continue to post a report on the Gion Matsuri in the future.

Look forward to it!

Schedule of Gion Matsuri from here.
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