Did you bump into real Maikos? Probably you didn’t


As we know, Kyoto deserves one of the most tasteful cities in the world.
If only you walk around, you will be surrounded by a variety of traditional architecture, restaurants, stores and scenery and so on that have a certain atmosphere in Kyoto.
Maiko (Apprentice geishas) is one of these stuffs showcasing mood of Kyoto

Most of the Maikos who we bump into on the street are not real ones.
In Kyoto, many tourists in Kyoto want to do the Maiko experience so as a part of its experience, there are a lot of people dressing up with gorgeous Kimonos and unique make-up. Thus, they are just extemporaneous Maikos.

Although we could see a lot of people happily trying to take photos of them, the cases they are seeing real one is extremely improbable.
Real Maikos are basically sensitive to be taken a picture recklessly. But the tourists impersonating are always taking photos by themselves. This is one of the points of the way to distinguish.

Apprentice geishas would not go out in the daytime in the first place. When they go outside with gorgeous dresses and make-up is basically only for providing service on the workplace.
So, even if we could see the real Maikos around a likely area at night, why don’t we imprint its scene in our memory.