Hand drawn Kyo-Yuzen dyeing experience


Experience Overview

Kimono is Japanese traditional dress known all over the world. You too must have seen kimono on TV or the internet. However, there are various types of kimono out there, and so are the production methods which vary by local community. Kyo yuzen kimono created in Kyoto is famous as one of the best quality kimono. Out of kyo yuzen kimono, hand-drawn yuzen in which an artisan dyes kimono by her/his hand is especially popular for its beauty.
Why not learn one of the best Japanese traditional techniques?
Experience authentic hand-drawn yuzen at a kimono specialty manufacturer, which is also the purveyor to the Imperial Household!
The hand-drawn yuzen experience taught by a veteran artisan will definitely be one of your special memories in Kyoto.


Recommendation Points

・Experience at the kimono specialty manufacturer, which is the purveyor to the Japanese Imperial Household
・Taught directly by the veteran hand-drawn yuzen artisan
・Can use tools and materials used by artisans

Let's Start

Enter the work room, and you will see a long cloth. This is the cloth which will be the basis of a kimono. The yuzen dyeing experience at Tomihiro Senko uses the best quality silk used for authentic kyo yuzen kimono.
At the experience, you can use 12 colors of dyes at your will. These dyes, too, are used by real kyo yuzen artisans in their daily process. The color of dyes looks different when in a jar and when painted on the material, so look at the sample carefully to choose your favorite color!
There are patterns drawn on the material. These patterns are drawn using the special technique called itome norioki. By using the special glue mixed with gold powder to create the frame of patterns, the kimono will be beautifully dyed.
This is your opportunity to look closely at the highly advanced artisan technique which cannot be observed in the completed kimono!
Choose the pattern you wish to dye out of the material, and choose the dye. The liquid dye contains glue to make the color stick to the cloth, so make sure to mix the dye in the jar well.
Just a bit of dye is enough to dye the cloth. Scrape off the ink on the brush with the edge of the jar.
Touch the cloth softly with the brush, and the dye will easily be spread. Be careful not to jut out from the frame, start with the center of the pattern, and use the edge of the brush to draw the small parts.
It might feel a bit difficult at first, but not to worry; an artisan watches the procedure next to you and gives you advice. The artisan also teaches you the gradation technique on top of the tips to draw better!
By now you start to understand how to use a brush and the required amount of dye. As you get better, you will be into the process and forget about time.
If there is enough time, you can do other patterns as well. When the pattern changes, it might feel difficult. But the important tips don’t change; use a lot of colors and enjoy!
There are 2 kinds of experience plans; kyo yuzen experience which we introduced in this article, and fukusa (silk wrapping cloth) making experience. Kyo yuzen experience comes with a souvenir which you will receive after the experience. Choose from a tumbler or a pen case made with the same silk cloth used for authentic kyo yuzen kimono.
In fukusa making experience, you will directly hand-draw on the fukusa cloth, and not on a long kimono cloth.The cloth you hand-drew will be delivered to your home to make a fukusa out of it. It will be your one-of-a-kind souvenir!

Visitor Feedback

I had a great experience here. At first, the dye was smudgy and it was difficult to hand draw on the cloth, but it became really fun once I got the hang of it.

Message from Staff

It is only at the kimono specialty manufacturer where you can have the kyo yuzen experience using the authentic tools, with the authentic artisans! Learn the special technique even most Japanese people don’t know about, and make it be the part of your memories of Japan!

Shop Information

Tomihiro Senko

ContentsHand drawn Kyo-Yuzen dyeing experience
Duration1 hour
Price6000yen~ (tax-in)
Credit cardsMajor cards accepted
Cancellation fee・2-3 days prior to your scheduled day: 20%
・1 day prior to your scheduled day: 40%
・On the day: 100%
Group1 people~up to 3 people
Notes for childrenSmall children must be accompanied by parents.

NameTomihiro Senko
Address 175-9 Nishi-iru Fudocho, Takoyakushi-Shinmachi Nakagyo-ku, Kyoto 604-8215, Japan
8 minutes walk from Hankyu Railway Karasuma Station.
8 minutes walk from Subway Shijo Station.
Closing daySunday & National holiday
Opening Times10:00~17:00 *Stariting time of experience 11:00~13:00
NotesA guide or an interpreter is required.
Please wear comfortable and casual clothes.
※Your fukusa will be shipped about 2 weeks later in order to fix dyestuffs on the fabric
※Shipping fee costs 2500 yen by EMS

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