Washoku (Japanese Cuisine) cooking experience


Experience Overview

What kind of image do you have of “Washoku(Japanese cuisine)”?
Washoku became the center of attention when it was registered as an Intangible Cultural Heritage by UNESCO (The United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization) in 2013.
But it is neither expensive or prestigious. Washoku is the traditional food culture born from Japanese people who respects the nature as well as the four seasons. The root of washoku is home-cooked food made with seasonal ingredients and the cooking method which brings out the best in these ingredients.
There is a place where you can experience the original and homely washoku in the quiet residential area near Shimogamo Jinja (shrine). Haru Cooking Class is held in the owner’s house where you can learn how to make washoku. When you open the door, the daughter of the owner cheerfully welcomes you. It is warm, and makes you feel like you are just visiting a house of a friend or a family.
The owner wishes to hand down the Japanese culture through cooking. He has a wide knowledge of not only cooking but also the culture, and the class is fun and easy to understand.
The home-cooked washoku at a warm Japanese home tastes spectacular. It will be something you cannot taste at a restaurant, and will never forget!

Recommendation Points

・You can learn the essence of the taste of washoku
・You can learn not only cooking, but the Japanese culture and the background
・You can experience the atmosphere of the Japanese home

Let's Start

The owner tells you about the class for the first 40 minutes. He thoroughly explains about the menu you are cooking today, features of ingredients and spices, and 'dashi broth' which is the basis of the taste.
First, make 'dashi broth' which is the basis of the taste. He demonstrates and explains the point of making dashi.
Dashi is the soul of washoku, and he tells you all about it with passion.
Until dashi is complete, you learn about the ingredients and the spices to be used.
Compare them with the ingredients used in each country the guests are from, and taste different miso pastes in a warm atmosphere.
When dashi is ready, everyone gets to try it. Add some taste to it and enjoy the change.
The whole room is filled with the aroma of dashi and a smile is on everyone’s face.
The class is not demonstration-only. The guests get to participate actively!
Blend miso into soup, cut the vegetables, stir the ingredients…the owner shows you how, so you don’t have to worry even if cooking is not your thing.
Next, make 'tamagoyaki' (Japanese omelette). It is a bit more difficult to cook. Everyone gets to try with a special frying pan and the cooking method.
The main dish is Kobe beef! The owner tells you about the difference between Kobe beef and other beef.
Vegetarians, do not fret; there is of course a vegetarian menu available.
When everything is done, present the food and set the table.
The guests met each other for the first time today, but certain team work was born through cooking.
Smile and 'Itadakimasu '(let’s eat/bon appetit)!

Visitor Feedback

We had such a fun and wonderful time. The owner is very friendly and easy to talk with. we got to know not only about washoku but also the cultural aspect of Japan. The concept and the experience were both fantastic and we couldn’t have asked for more!

Message from Staff

We would like to introduce the Japanese culture through cooking.

Do not hesitate, please come over!

Shop Information

Haru Cooking Class
ContentsJapanese cuisine cooking experience
DurationAbout 4 hours
PriceVegetarian= ¥5900 (tax-in)
Non-Vegetarian = ¥7900(tax-in)~
Payment on the same day
Credit cardsUnaccepted
Cancellation feeYou won't be charged for the cancellation.
Group1 people ~ Up to about 6 people
Notes for childrenAbout 0 years old~
Children of age 6 and younger can be a watcher(free of charge) or participate with 1,000yen discount.

NameHaru cooking class
Address166-32, Miyazaki-cho, Shimogamo, Sakyo-ku, Kyoto
AccessBus: No.4 or 205 Get off the bus stop -Shin Aoibashi-
The owner will wait at the bus stop.
Closing dayIrregularly
Opening Times14:00~19:00
NotesBefore you require or book the cooking class, please visit Haru cooking class's web site in advance.
There are more detailed information.

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