Tsumami Hana kanzashi (ornamental hairpin) making workshop


Experience Overview

When it comes to kanzashi flower (artificial hairpin with ornamental flowers), many people might think of maiko. The ornamental hairpins worn by maiko are created with seasonal flowers as a motif; they are gorgeous and impressive! The colorful world of flowers is expressed using tsumami zaiku (the technique of pinching small and square-cut pieces of cloth to produce a shape of a flower), the traditional handicraft technique since the Edo period (1603-).
At “Deko Boko An” located in Sakyo Ward, Kyoto, you can experience of making kanzashi (ornamental hairpin) or a brooch with the technique used for kanzashi flower of maiko!! Accessories created with colorful cloths are filled with the sense of the seasons and beauty unique to Japan, and they will surely make you want to create one after another! Apparently, there are many guys visiting for this experience these days, to create a present for his wife, girlfriend or mom…♪


Recommendation Points

・You can experience of creating maiko-like kanzashi flower (ornamental hairpin) using the traditional technique
・You can customize it the way you want, choosing the shape of a flower, types and colors of cloths as well as types of kanzashi
・You can take back the one-of-a-kind kanzashi flower with a box to carry

Let's Start

First, choose the shape of a flower which you would like to make.
Next, decide the shape of a foundation of kanzashi flower. There are various kinds, ranging from corsage type and comb type!
There are a variety of colorful small cloths. Choose 20 pieces of cloth to use for the petal and hanging (part of string) of kanzashi flower.
The teacher explains how to make a kanzashi next to you. This time she challenges the technique called Maru tsumami(round knob). Fold the cloth several times to make it a small triangle.
Put the pinched cloths on the board covered with starch paste.
Repeat the same process, make petals and dangling.
Fix the petals with a bond on the string.
Put a petal on the foundation with bond.
Pick and decorate ornaments such as pearls and beads on the center of a flower.
Kanzashi flower is completed when you attach the hanging part! (part of string)!

Visitor Feedback

The handicraft itself was not difficult, but it was a detailed work so I recommend those with large hands to choose a bigger flower. I loved it that I got to choose designs and cloths I liked! The atmosphere of machiya was very nice, too! I am truly pleased to have made a kanzashi so pretty that I’d rather decorate it than actually use it! Thank you for the valuable experience!

Message from Staff

You can experience of making unique and original kanzashi flower. You can make one from clothes you used to wear, or from your favorite cloth too; if you like the idea, please consult us.

You can wear the one-of-a-kind kanzashi yourself, and we also recommend you to give it to your special one as a gift!

I’m looking forward to your visit for this experience!

Shop Information

Kyo Tsumami Handicrafts workshop YURURI, DEKOBOKOAN

You can get a gift by applying only HERE !


ContentsTsumami Hana kanzashi (ornamental hairpin) making workshop
Duration90 minutes 〜 2 hour
Price¥4000~¥6200(Depends on the menu)
Payment on the same day
Credit cardsCards accepted (Visa,Master,WAON・ION,銀聯)
Cancellation feeYou won't be charged for the cancellation.
GroupUp to 9 people (More than 10 people are negotiable)
Notes for childrenAbout 5 years old~

NameKyo Tsumami Handicrafts workshop YURURI, DEKOBOKOAN
Address115-13, Jodoji Nishidacho, Sakyo-ku Kyoto-shi, Kyoto, 606-8417, Japan
AccessCity bus No.17 from Kyoto station, and get off at "Kitashirakawa", 3 minutes on foot
ParkingNo customer-only parking
Closing dayEvery first Saturday and Wednesday, 15th and 16th of the month
Opening Times10:00am~17:00pm
NotesPlease come to the workshop just at the reservation time.
※We may refuse when you are late for more than 30 minutes.
Staffs are beginner at English.

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