Tea ceremony experience


Experience Overview

Matcha-flavored sweets are the go-to souvenirs in Japan, and we are sure you have tasted matcha-flavored something before, as they are sold outside of Japan as well!
But “matcha” refers to tea used in the Japanese traditional culture“sado (Japanese tea ceremony)”, to start with. Japanese tea ceremony is said to be a composite art where the sense of beauty, space creation technology, the etiquette and the spirit of hospitality in Japan are integrated.
Authentic matcha used in the traditional Japanese tea ceremony is profound and wonderful that no processed goods can ever recreate it.
Matcha-flavored food is surely great, but we recommend experiencing Japanese tea ceremony and tasting authentic matcha, when you come to Japan!
Those who think that Japanese tea ceremony has a formal and prestigious atmosphere, do not fret; you can casually enjoy the experience at En. Do not worry about the way you dress, or what to bring. You can visit on your way to/from sightseeing. Don’t hesitate to ask to change the schedule or for your kids to participate too.
Matcha made by yourself at a tea room in a cozy ‘Kyo-Machiya'(traditional Japanese house) will be something you will long remember!


Recommendation Points

・You can casually enjoy the Japanese tea ceremony, which has a prestigious image to it
・You can make matcha yourself
・It is within the popular sightseeing area, so you can drop by and there is no preparation necessary
・The traditional Japanese house 'Kyo-Machiya' atmosphere and warm handmade tea room

Let's Start

No worry even you don’t know anything about the Japanese tea ceremony. Once you are in a tea room, you can learn about the overview of the Japanese tea ceremony, such as its history, ingredients of matcha and etiquettes.
Tools for the Japanese tea ceremony are all unique and you might have no idea how to use them. The teacher tells you about them and shows you how they are used one by one.
There is a certain way to serve sweets. Use a paper called “kaishi” as a plate. The way to deal out or eat depends on the type of sweets, so listen to the teacher’s explanation carefully.
You can examine the demonstration by the teacher and learn the whole process as well as etiquettes of the Japanese tea ceremony.
Each movement is so beautiful that there is not even time to blink. Do not take pictures during the demonstration, focus on each sound or scent, and feel the atmosphere of the Japanese tea ceremony.
After seeing the demonstration of the way of tea by tea teacher, learn deeper about the spirit of hospitality in the Japanese tea ceremony. The conversation between a guest and the master of the house, the meaning of each movement in the Japanese tea ceremony…it is all very interesting.
Each movement which tea teacher shows you, has meaning like purify, respectful, or appreciations. The teacher tells you all about the correct way to hold a chawan(cup), the way to drink which shows the feeling of appreciation and such.
When you learn all about the Japanese tea ceremony and the etiquette, practice it. Make matcha yourself. You might be confused about the tools you use for the first time, but it will definitely make you smile.
So now, you can taste the special matcha. That will be tasty because you made it by yourself. Practice the movement you just leaned to drink, and it will taste all the more special.
At En, we have a private experience and a group experience. A group experience is more casual and lively. You can experience the authentic Japanese tea ceremony either way, so choose whichever suits you!

Visitor Feedback

Out of all the websites I searched on the internet, En’s was the best. The experience was fantastic, and I felt that the Japanese tea ceremony is very beautiful. I definitely recommend this Japanese tea ceremony experience!

Message from Staff

You can casually experience the Japanese tea ceremony which might have a prestigious image. Do not worry about the way you dress or what to bring, and just drop by during sightseeing. We can arrange the content of the experience/reservation, so contact us!

Shop Information

En Tea Ceremony Experience

ContentsTea ceremony experience
Duration45 min
Price*Private session (4,500 yen pp.) must to be only your group member.
It's basically for from 2 persons, so if you are only one, cost comes to 9000yen.
Reservation neede by Email and pay in advance.
*Group session (2,500 yen pp.) might share with other guests.
Reservation recommended and can pay in advance.
Credit cardsUnaccepted
Cancellation feeWhen you cancell,please contact the temple by 5:00 P.M of the day before.
On the day: 100%
Group1 people~up to 11 people
Notes for childrenBabies and kids are welcome for family and private session so please contact them in advance.

NameEn Tea Ceremony Experience
Address272, Matsubara-cho, Higashiyama-ku, Kyoto, 605-0063,Japan
TEL080-3782-2706 (9:00am~)
Access・10 min walk from Higasiyama station on subway
・10 min walk from Gionshijo station on Keihan railway
・City Bus no. 12, 31, 46, 201, 203 or 206, get off at Chionin-mae bus stop
ParkingUnavailable(There are toll parkings neighbourhood)
Closing dayJanuary 1st~3rd
Opening Times13:00~20:00 (Depends on a reservation)
NotesWe recommend you make a reservation in advance especially tourist seasons.
* Private lesson needs a reservation

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