Taiko drumming experience


Experience Overview

Did you know that a Japanese drum is good for your health?
A Japanese drrum is a Japanese traditional instrument which is a necessity for festivals and school events. But it is not just an instrument to play Japanese traditional music; it’s proven to be great for your health, too! The big movements to be made when hitting on a Japanese drum can be a good exercise, and its heavy bass sound makes you feel relaxed.
Why not see if it’s really good through the Japanese drum playing experience? In this Japanese drum playing experience, the professional player teaches you how to play and even beginners can learn how to play this authentic instrument. By the time you finish an hour-long workshop, you will find yourself feeling better both physically and mentally!


Recommendation Points

・You can learn to traditional Japanese music and rhythm with Japanese drums
・You will feel refreshed physically and mentally in an hour
・All teachers are professional Japanese drum players who often play on the stage
・Through a group lesson, you can make some new friends

Let's Start

Playing Japanese drum is a kind of sports! You need to use muscles all over your body, so stretch yourself well before practice. And, you can choose your favorite Japanese drum to use.
First, touch the Japanese drum. Adjust your posture, hold the drumstick and hit on the Japanese drum as the teacher shows you. You might be surprised by the big sound it makes, but it will gradually feel comfortable.
Hit on the Japanese drum with other students on the rhythm created by the teacher. As it speeds up, you will feel lifted up too! And wrap up with a shout and the pose! Don’t be embarrassed to shout and make a pose.
Continue on to the rhythm practice. It is unique and might feel a bit difficult, but the teacher will teach you in detail. The point is to say the rhythm aloud while hitting on the Japanese drum.
Hit the Japanese drum on the rhythm of the teacher’s bass. Give advice to each other on top of the teacher’s advice, and the sounds gradually become unified!
Share one Japanese drum with two other people. It is very fun to create a rhythm with others! Such a great teamwork, it is hard to believe that three of you just met.
Three of you take a rotation and hit the Japanese drum one by one. Stay sharp and strike a pose while waiting.
As the music speeds up, it will get more and more difficult. It’s time to show off your great teamwork and take turns smoothly!
As a wrap-up, all of you will hit the Japanese drum together. A great shout and a big smile to finish up the experience!

Visitor Feedback

It was very fun, and I’m really satisfied to learn Japanese culture. I found it great to learn how to play with other students. It definitely takes stress off your mind, and feels good!

Message from Staff

The Japanese drum playing experience is really fun! You can make new friends by playing the Japanese drum together. Hit the Japanese drum to connect with others!

Shop Information

Taiko Center

ContentsWadaiko (Japanese drum) experience
Duration1 hour
PriceAdult=8000 yen(tax-in)~(Depending on the seasonal rate)
Child(3~5 years old)=Free
Credit cardsUnaccepted
Cancellation fee・14-8 days prior to your scheduled day: 20%
・7-4days prior to your scheduled day: 30%
・1-2 day prior to your scheduled day : 50%
・On the day: 100%
Group1 people~up to 6 people
Notes for childrenSmall children must be accompanied by parents.

NameTaiko center
Address 113-4 Takatsuji Oomiya-cho Shimogyou-ku Kyoto city, Kyoto, Japan 600-8387
10 minutes walk from Hankyu Railway Omiya Station.
10 minutes walk from Randen Shijo-Omiya Station.
Closing dayIrregularly
Opening TimesIrregularly
NotesPlease wear comfortable clothes.

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