Decorative sushi roll making experience


Experience Overview

Have you ever made sushi rolls yourself?
For sushi is widely popular, there are various arranged sushi rolls all around the world. It is also famous as a house party menu, so some of you might have made it before. Still, there are not a lot of opportunities to experience cooking Japanese homely sushi rolls, right?
This decorative sushi roll experience is recommended for those who made sushi rolls before, as well as for those who have never made one!
You can make lovely and homely decorative sushi rolls using Kyoto’s special safflower and carefully-selected additive-free ingredients. Making decorative sushi rolls shows your personality, and it would be great to make for your family and friends after going back to your country.
The teacher is a Japanese drum player as well, so you can experience playing the drum too!


Recommendation Points

・You can make unique and lovely decorative sushi rolls
・The original menu using Kyoto’s special safflower
・You can touch three types of Japanese drums, and play them too

Let's Start

There are two types of decorative sushi rolls at the workshop. On the table, you can see colorful ingredients to be used for sushi rolls. Everything is carefully-selected by the teacher and is additive-free, so even those who are particular about health and beauty will be satisfied.
First, try making a flower sushi roll. Look at what the teacher is doing, and then roll pink-colored rice with a small piece of lavor. This will be a flower petal, although at this phase it is hard to imagine how it turns out…
Put five of these petals and other ingredients on lavor. The way sushi looks depends on the quantity of the ingredients and where you put them, so imagine how you want it to look, and roll them carefully.
Cut the rolled sushi…and you can see a pretty flower in bloom! It is fun that you cannot tell the shape of a flower until you cut it.
Next, make a face of otafuku. Otafuku is the symbol of happiness which has been cherished by the Japanese for a long time. Ask the teacher about it if you want to know the details!
Pile the ingredients just the way the teachers tells you. There are more ingredients and the format is more complex compared to the flower sushi roll you just made. It might require some focus to pile up without the ingredients falling out.
You will be surprised at how big the sushi is with all the ingredients on it! It is difficult to roll sushi so big, but the teacher will help you out.
Cut the sushi…and the face of otafuku appears!
The shape of the face on each sushi roll will be unique; try comparing it with somebody else’s. The face you made looks a bit like you perhaps…
After making sushi rolls…it’s lunch time!
No matter how well or bad it turns out, your hand-made sushi will taste special. You can have miso soup and safflower tea along with sushi.
Try playing the drum at the end of the experience. Great to be able to experience both Japanese food and traditional culture!

Visitor Feedback

We had a great experience, and it became a very good memory.

We were happy to have the opportunity to learn about Japanese culture!!

Message from Staff

The one and only experience planned by the safflower producer. Those who wish to know about medical herbs and healthy tips along with safflower, please drop by!

Shop Information

Kyo-Benibana Bright

ContentsDecorative sushi roll making experience
Duration2 hours
Price5000 yen(tax-in)
Credit cardsUnaccepted
Cancellation fee ・3 days prior to your scheduled day : 50%
・On the day: 100%
Group1 people~up to 10 people
Notes for children4 years old~
Small children must be accompanied by parents.

NameKyo-Benibana Bright
Address 38-1, Hirano Sakuragicho, Kita-ku Kyoto-shi, Kyoto, 603-8364, Japan
1 minute walk from Wara Tenjin Mae bus stop
Closing dayIrregularly
Opening Times10:00~17:00
NotesLet us know if you have food allergies

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