Shakyo(Sutra copying) experience


Experience Overview

Have you been able to spend a relaxing time recently? Most of us must be busy and always pressed for time. But peace of mind is something required to live a good life, and regardless of the country or the era, people have always been after it.
In Buddhism, shakyo (sutra copying) has been conducted as a means of finding peace of mind since the old times. Shakyo means copying the sutra which Buddha taught. It is believed that preparing your body and mind for shakyo is connected to the heart of the teachings of Buddha, and it has provided many people with peace of mind.
Visiting crowded and famous touristic places is great too, but why not try shakyo at a cozy Zen temple surrounded by greenery? Straighten yourself, copy each word of the sutra on a paper. It heals your mind, and makes you feel relaxed. To cherish a calm and relaxing time by doing shakyo is a precious opportunity to look back on your wishes or your life.
The luxurious time to empty your mind and touch the heart of Buddha; it makes your mind and body refreshed!

Recommendation Points

・You can touch the heart of Buddhism in a cozy Zen temple in Kyoto
・Not only shakyo but shabutsu experience, where you copy the image of Buddha, are conducted
・You can taste matcha and wagashi looking at the beautiful garden after the experience

Let's Start

Sprinkle the incense on your hands to clean them before starting shakyo or shabutsu.
The most widely known sutra in Japan, called “Hannya Shinkyo”, is used for shakyo.
Do take a look at the sutra and feel the heart of Buddha even if you cannot read kanji or do not know what it means.
For shabutsu(Buddha image copying) , you can choose from 8 kinds of patterns. The difficulty varies by pattern, so choose with your available time in mind.
Straighten yourself, and start copying the sutra with a brush. When you straighten up, you feel stronger and focused.
Do not worry about the stroke order or how beautiful you can write. Try to write each letter with care.
Do not worry about time, and copy letters at your own pace. After a while, you can empty your mind and feel relaxed.
After copying all the sutra, write your wish, the date, your address and your name. You can write these in your own language. Put the completed shakyo on the tray, fold your hands and pray for Buddha.
Enjoy matcha and wagashi while looking at the beautiful garden filled with greenery. Try to listen to birds or insects chirping.
You get to choose whether to dedicate the copied shakyo to the temple or bring it back. You can bring it back in your bag, but we recommend putting it in a cute omamori bukuro (amulet bag, 300 yen).

Visitor Feedback

I got to experience the special atmosphere and the feeling I have never felt before. I felt so calm and relaxed in the spiritual space. It was the first time for me to use a brush, but I got to spend a wonderful time. I am more than satisfied!

Message from Staff

It is a warm and cozy temple unlike a big one. Unite with Buddha, and spend a relaxing time through shakyo and nenbutsu. Do drop by!

Shop Information

Shorinji temple<勝林寺>
ContentsShakyo (Sutra copying)/ Shabutsu (Buddha image copying) experience
DurationAbout 90min~2 hours
Price¥1500 (tax-in)
Payment on the same day
Credit cardsUnaccepted
Cancellation feeOn the day: 100%
When you cancell,please contact the temple by 5:00 P.M of the day before.
Group1 people~up to 20 people
Notes for childrenAbout 6 years old~

NameShorinji temple
Address15-795 Honmachi, Higashiyama-ku, Kyoto, JAPAN 605-0981
Access・8 min walk from JR Tofukuji Station on the Nara Line or Tofukuji Station on Keihan railway
・City Bus no. 202, 207 or 208, get off at Tofukuji bus stop
Closing dayIrregularly
Opening Times14:00~17:00
NotesIf you come to the temple by taxi, please come round to the east gate.

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