Samurai experience


Experience Overview

“Samurai” is a Japanese word well-known all over the world now. Of course you have heard it before, right? Well, what kind of image do you have of a samurai?
You will get to know samurais, who charm people all over the world by their proud and beautiful way of living, in Kyoto!
At Kyoto Samurai Experience, you can experience the authentic samurai culture. You will definitely feel special learning the art of swordmanship with a real sword, while feeling the Japanese tradition close to your heart in a samurai house with history. All the more, it’s not only the art of swordmanship you can try; you can also experience zen meditation. Swordmanship and zen are two main components of a samurai. By the time you complete this experience, the image you have had of a samurai might be changed!


Recommendation Points

・You can wear the costume of a samurai to experience the art of swordmanship with a real sword
・Through experiencing the way of swordmanship and sitting zen, you can learn the strength of samurais
・You can feel the artistic culture of Japan in a samurai house built 250 years ago

Let's Start

Enter the gate, and the huge samurai house, which was built 250 years ago, appears in front of you. Go inside, change into your costume, and an interpreter will show you around the house. Enjoy Japanese traditional architectural technology and interior decorations, and feel your expectations for the experience build up.
Slide open the fusuma, and shihan (teacher) is waiting for you. His dignified atmosphere makes you straighten your back.
But do not worry; shihan is very kind and warm. You can also learn about the way of samurais and their real strength from him.
After the explanation, shihan will show you how to perform with your sword in front of you. It is such a valuable experience to look closely at the beautiful glow of a Japanese sword and to feel the power of swordmanship.
Next, shihan will show you the art of drawing a sword. His quick movement easily cuts off the thickly wrapped goza (woven-rush mat). It only takes a second for him to pose and to cut off goza, you do not even have time to blink.
It’s time for you to try what you have learned. First, use the wooden sword to remember each pose of the art of swordmanship. Even the way to hold a sword shows respect for the sword or your opponent.
Quickly cut down with a wooden sword while trying not to lose your pose. It might feel a bit difficult to shake your wooden sword and to step at the same time.
At last, it’s time to draw your real sword. It is an authentic sword which can be dangerous, but do not worry as long as you follow the instructions. Women can handle a sword without problem, too.
Focus and empty your mind; quickly cut with the way of drawing your sword!
It’s your first time, and not everything might not go as wished. But shihan will give you a lot of advice, and you can definitely cut off goza after trying out a few times.
After experiencing the way of swordmanship, it’s time for the zen experience! The calmness to deal with any situation is required in a samurai. You can calm your mind through zen, and look at yourself closely by emptying your mind.
Before the experience ends, shihan plays shakuhachi (vertical bamboo flute) for you. The majestic music fills the whole room, and it feels very comfortable.

Visitor Feedback

It was such a great opportunity to learn the Japanese tradition. Not only was the experience to use the authentic Japanese sword fantastic, but it was great to learn many things regarding Japanese culture and aesthetics.

Message from Staff

It is a unique experience program where you can learn the Japanese tradition in a samurai house with history. We will keep introducing new ideas; do stop by!

Shop Information

Kyoto Samurai Experience

It is a unique experience of Kyoto.
Please try and enjoy the Samurai spirit.


ContentsSamurai experience
Duration2 hours
PriceAdult=12,000 yen (tax-in)
Child(6~12 years old)=8,300 yen(tax-in)
Credit cardsMajor cards accepted
Cancellation fee・3-6 days prior to your scheduled day: 50%
・1-2 day prior to your scheduled day & on the day: 100%
Group1 people~up to 6 people
Notes for childrenSmall children must be accompanied by parents.

NameKyoto Samurai Experience
Address Inaba-Cho 111, Nakagyo-Ku, Kyoto, Japan 604-8803
5 minutes walk from Hankyu Railway Omiya Station.
5 minutes walk from Randen Shijo-Omiya Station.
5 minutes walk from Shijo-Omiya bus station.
ParkingAvailable for 2 cars
Closing dayIrregularly
Opening Times10:00~12:00, 15:00~17:00
NotesPlease wear comfortable clothes.

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