NINJA VR experience


Experience Overview

Do you know what VR is? It is an abbreviation for virtual reality and refers to the technology to experience the virtual world just like reality. It has become increasingly popular these days, and various entertainment facilities which utilize VR have opened all over Japan.
“NINJA VR KYOTO”, which opened only in August, 2017 in Kyoto, is one of those facilities. This is the only ninja experience center with VR in Japan, where you can enjoy the high-presence world of ninjas.
The ninja fight in the extraordinary scenery spread 360 degrees in front of you is spectacular! You can feel the impact not only from the vision you see with your headset, but from the controller too, which makes you feel like you are really fighting. It is a content to satisfy both VR beginners and the experienced, which means it can be enjoyed by all family members from kids to adults.
Not only VR but shuriken (ninja star) and fukiya (Japanese blowgun) practice is included in this experience as well. You can learn ninja tricks in the real and the virtual world. It is a new type of Japanese cultural experience recommended not only for ninja lovers, but also for those who want more than visiting ordinary touristic places!


Recommendation Points

・You can actively enjoy VR
・There are VR for kids available too; every family member can try this experience
・All-weather indoor activity
・Enjoy until night (open until 9:00pm)
・You can have a unique ninja experience which utilizes the advanced technology

Let's Start

“It’s my first time to experience VR…” VR first-timers, do not worry!
A staff will explain the procedure and the contents of the experience in detail. Both VR first-timers and veterans can enjoy the world of ninja. It will get you excited for sure.
Wear a simple ninja costume before your experience. Practice kuji goshin hou:九字護身法 (nine-letter defense method), the method required for ninja practice to calm your mind. Now you look like and feel like a ninja…it’s time to put the teachings into practice.
In the ample Japanese room, various ninja weapon explanations and the understanding of ninja are shown.
You can experience the practical ninja training; but first, time to study a little. It’s an important part of the training to acquire knowledge to be able to accurately and beautifully use the weapons, just like an authentic ninja.
First, throw a shuriken. Try to remember the way to hold it and the correct posture…and take aim.
It’s hard to throw it as you wish at first, and it might not reach the target…Which makes it even more rewarding when you finally hit the target!
Next, practice fukiya. The point is a powerful blow and to focus.
The target changes from a big one to a smaller one and becomes harder. Try to calm your mind to keep your focus.
Finally, it’s time for the ninja VR experience! Wear your headset, hold the controller and you are all set.
The impressive image in front of you is so real that it makes you feel like you are really in the world of ninjas.
The experience with a headset is for those over 13 years old, but there is a VR experience for kids as well.
You can experience two kind of VR : Shuriken and Katana!
Avoid shuriken flying from all directions, fight with your opponents who keep attacking you with Katana…it feels just like a sport. On top of that, the shock felt in the game can be felt through the VR hand armor and VR sword (Katana) , so you can feel the danger which is about to fall on you. It might feel hard but once you get a hold of it, you will be fine. Even beginners can play very well in no time.
There is a photo opportunity before you end the experience. You can take photos holding a various ninja weapons.
The facility with the highly advanced VR is very rare to find in Kyoto, the city which beholds traditional cultures; do brag about it to your friends by showing these photos!

Visitor Feedback

The powerful image was very cool. The VR where ninjas fight with their swords was especially fun.

It felt like I was holding the authentic sword and fighting, which made me very excited. It was my first time experiencing VR, but I was able to play well.

Message from Staff

It is located very close from famous touristic places so you can drop by on your way to or from sightseeing.

It can be enjoyed by everyone from kids to adults; do come in with your family members. Those who like to try new things and who like ninjas are especially welcome!

Shop Information


ContentsNINJA VR experience/NINJA training
DurationAbout 45 ~60min for 2 persons
Price【All attractions plan】
Adult=¥5500 (tax-in)
Child=¥3500 (tax-in)
【VR plan】

Payment on the same day
Credit cardsMajor cards accepted
Cancellation fee・3-2 days prior to your scheduled day: 30%
・1 day prior to your scheduled day: 50%,
・ Your scheduled day or no show: 100%
Group1 people~up to 15 people(Please consult the case of more people)
Notes for childrenChildren under 6 yaers old cannnot play VR attraction wearing with Head Mounted Display.
(however we have other ninja VR attractions available for kids without Head Mounted Display)
Children under 13 require parental consent.

Address2F 545 Furukawacho, Higashiyama-ku, Kyoto,Japan 605-0026
9 minutes walk from Keihan Railway Sanjo Station.
3 minutes walk from Subway Higashiyama Station.
・3 minutes walk from Chionin-mae bus stop.
Closing dayTuesday
Opening Times11:00~21:00
NotesPlease do not get drunk before the experience.
Please wear comfortable clothes.

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