Ninja Experience/Ninja Training


Experience Overview

What is your image of a ninja? Or, have you ever become a “real” ninja before?
At “NINJA DOJO AND STORE”, located only 5 minutes by walking from Shijo station, you can take professional ninja training classes. Learn the spiritual nature, the philosophy and the way of life of a ninja, and acquire ninja skills through lessons by the owner who is the descendant of Iga ninja!

Recommendation Points

Professional training experience once practiced by ninja, using real shuriken (throwing stars) made from iron and other ninja weapons.
The tatami-floored dojo (training hall) is a traditional ninja house with various traps.
At the ninja goods shop, the joint establishment, abundant ninja items which cannot be found anywhere else are sold. There are various valuable antique ninja weapons as well.

Let's Start

Enter the tatami-floored dojo.
Change into ninja clothes.
(*No preparation necessary; just bring yourself. Everything is rental.)
The owner explains about Ninja items.
Throw shuriken (throwing stars). The teacher will teach you detailed tips, such as how to grip one or the right posture.
It is easy even for children or women, once you get the hang of it.
Shoot at the mark with fukiya (blowgun).
Depending on your level, you might get to challenge shooting at long range.
Lastly, the owner talks about the history, trivia and the way of life of a ninja.

Visitor Feedback

There is not a lot of opportunities to learn about ninja usually, except for some movies. That is why it was great to actually grasp what a ninja is and learn about them, and it was truly interesting. I loved it so much.

My dad had tools which were like shuriken (throwing stars) and fukiya (blowguns), so I used to throw them at a tree or blow them when I was little. But doing them again as ninja skills was completely different, and it was fun!

Message from Staff

People tends to have an impression that ninja is an “imaginary figure” or that they “fight”. However, a real ninja had information tactics so that he/she would win without fighting, and had excellent skills to solve problems peacefully and to survive. They use weapons not to defeat enemies but to escape. I would like people to know these different aspects of a ninja.

Through the ninja experience, visitors can learn the philosophy, the way of life and the historical background of a ninja. I hope visitors can make use of it to their life.

Shop Information

ContentsNINJA Training
DurationDepending on the course
Price・NInja cloths rental : 3000yen
・Shuriken(ninja star) experience : Real metal shuriken: 1 000 yen for 15 throws
・Ninja blowgun(blow darts) : Longl blowgun: 1 000 yen for 15 darts

・Entry level 1 hour lesson: basic ninja training : 8 000 yen per person
・Elementary level 2 hour lesson: include entry level lesson and additional 5 more techniques :14 000 yen per person
Payment on the same day
Credit cardsMajor cards accepted
Cancellation fee・8 days prior to the date : 0%
・From 2 to 7days prior to the date : 50%
・On the day of training: 100%
GroupUp to 6 people
Notes for childrenFor experience: about 3 years old〜
For training: about 5 years old〜

Address2F 528 Hakurakuten-cho,Kyoto,Japan, 600-8422
Access・A three-minutes walk from Shijo Karasuma Station on the Hankyu Kyoto line
・Shijo station on the subway line
ParkingNo customer-only parking
Closing dayIrregularly
Opening Times10:00am-6:00pm
NotesPlease do not get drunk before the traning.

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