Makie Painting Experience


Experience Overview

Would you like to paint a picture or letter by using beautiful gold leaf?
“Makie” is one of the traditional craft techniques of Japanese lacquer. By using lacquer, paint a picture, pattern or calligraphy on the surface of the lacquer ware. Before it dries out,quickly sprinkle out(“Maki”) the gold leaf on the picture and fix the gold leaf. Sounds difficult? no worries. You will be able to make a gorgeous Makie item even though you have never done it before!


Recommendation Points

You can pick up the item you draw picture on from so many things as mirror, lunch box, circle plates and so on.
We recommend you to pick the item you are sure to use after get back home!
The shop is located right in front of the Nishiki Market which is called “the Kitchen of Kyoto”. Why don’t you take a side trip there after the Makie painting experience?

Let's Start

Draw your design on the piece of paper. After finishing the design, you draw the design on the item you picked by using tracing paper.
Put the glue (artificial Japanese lacquer in order to prevent getting a rash from the lacquer) on the traced line on the item.
Sprinkle the artificial gold powder on the lacquer by using the straw shaped tool.
After finish sprinkling, let it dry about 20min.

Visitor Feedback

I am surprised to know that the particle of the gold leaf were so fine. At the beginning, I was worried whether I can do well or not but thanks to the guidance of people of the shop, I was able to complete without any problems. Compare to the item made by professionals, mine was a bit rough. But I am satisfied with it. I will use this plate at home with great care.

Message from Staff

Traditional Craft usually become a product. However, the craft you made in this store become a one and the only work of art of yours. We would like everyone to feel close to the traditional crafts and hope you actually use the piece of work you made in your daily lives.

Shop Information


School excursion student are more then welcome!

You can experience it at a group discount for school excursion students profitably.


ContentsMakie Experience
(Japanese lacquer sprinkled with gold or silver powder)
DurationAbout 1 hour
Price¥2500(tax in)〜 (depending on items)
Payment on the same day
Credit cardsMajor cards accepted
Cancellation feeYou won't be charged for the cancellation
GroupUp to 30 people (negotiable for more than 30 people)
Notes for childrenSmall children must be accompanied by parents

AddressSakaidorinishikikojiagaru,Yaoya-cho, Nakagyo-ku,Kyoto,Japan, 604-8127
Access5 minutes walk from Shijo Karashima Station.
Shijo station on the subway line/ Karasuma station on Hankyu Kyoto line.
ParkingNo customer-only parking
Closing day31th Dec, 1st Jan, 13th〜16th Aug
Opening Times9:00am-5:00pm
NotesYou will use paintcoating containing thinner and metals in power form
(In some cases you would use cutlery).

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