Maiko Experience


Experience Overview

Let’s take pictures wearing real Maiko makeup and Kimono!!
Maiko is a dancing girl in Kyoto who entertains people at a banquet. It was started from 300 years ago and became one of the very important culture today. From the moment you put on the white makeup and a gorgeous Kimono, you will be taken right back in the Edo period. This will definitely be a once in a life experience for you!

Recommendation Points

Only a few minutes walk from “Shijyo” subway station or “Omiya” Hankyu train station.
Passion to style up the customer as close as real Maiko.
Possible to do your hair without using any wig,if your hair length is more than 5cm below the shoulder more than 5 cm! It is so rare that not many Maiko experience shop do the same.

Let's Start

First of all, warm up hair oil called Bintsuke-Oil and spread it over your face as makeup base.
Then, put on the white face powder dissolved in water. Although the oil based makeup usually repel water this way of make up doesn’t actually repel water.
Moreover, you will be surprised to notice that the makeup doesn’t collapse easily even you are sweat. The rich oil is extracted from the wax tree which only live in particular area of Japan and known as one of the expensive tree.
After finishing the white make up, move on to the eye and lip makeup. All you have to do is to close your eyes until the make up artist says it’s done.
The red color eye line makes you look completely different person. It is cute yet sexy. It is said that the red color has power to expel the evil spirits.
In order the hair to be looked natural, this shop adapts the half wig to the customers in principle. However person with short length hair of course can use whole wig.
If your hair length is more than 5cm below the shoulder, you might not need to wear any wig!
Next, moving on to dress up with Kimono.
At first, you need to put on Japanese style undergarment called “Jyuban”. In Japan, one piece type “Jyuban” is popular however, when Maiko wears one, they prefer a separate two piece type “Jyuban”. There are many Maikos of all shapes and sizes living in one Geisha house at the same time. A two piece type Jyuban is convenient and reasonable for this circumstances because it can be adjust no matter the size.
The design of the Kimono is symmetrical. Because they use gorgeous silky cloth on both outside and lining of Kimono, it is reasonably very heavy.
There are so many patterns and colors of Kimono available in this shop. Picking up the Kimono you try on is difficult yet surely become one of the fun experience of your stay in Japan.
As a finish, put Kanzashi, the Japanese ornamental hairpin on your hair. Real Maiko wears 13 different Kanzashi in one year in accordance to the seasons or the occasion.
This gorgeous Kanzashi is called “Tsumami-Kanzashi”. The professional crafts man in Kyoto makes every little flower petals of kanzashi by pinching( Tsumami) a small, square- cut piece of cloth made by fine silk.
They make it with arduous tasks and put all their efforts to make one as if it looks like a real flowers. The new Maiko wears Kanzashi with fringe hanging.
As they getting older, they start to wear Kanzashi without the fringe. If you ever see Maiko on the street of Kyoto, you will be able to distinguish new Maiko from experienced Maiko by seeing the fringe of the Kanzashi they wear.
It is really exciting to see yourself with such dramatic change with Maiko look.
Let’s have a picture time at last! Please act as if you really are Maiko and strike some poses for the photographer. Be careful when you walk because the hemline is longer than your height and it is easily to fall down on the floor! The photographer will give you some tips for you to look like real Maiko. You will find it amazing to know that only one gesture makes you look completely different person.

Visitor Feedback

I am glad that I got dressed and put make up as if I were real Maiko.

I found the price quite reasonable that they did not give me any extra charge even I pick the half wig! It looked natural on my hair. The Obi belt was so heavy that it is longer than I expected. I was interested to hear the story regarding Maiko during the Maiko experience from the owner of this shop.

Message from Staff

We have a passion to change the look of customer to be looked like real Maiko. We would like you to enjoy once in a life experience in our shop!

Shop Information

ContentsMaiko Experience
DurationAbout 1 hour
Price¥7600〜(tax in)
Payment on the same day
Credit cardsUnaccepted
Cancellation feeYou won't be charged for the cancellation
GroupA few people
Notes for children・About 6 years old〜
・Children must be over 120 centimeters tall.
・If they are over 145 centimeters tall, they can experience the regular program for adults.

Address538-540 Inogumadorishijoagaru,Nishikiinoguma-cho,,Nakagyo-ku,Kyoto,Japan,604-8363
AccessA three-minutes walk from Shijo Omiya Station.
(Shijo Omiya Station on Hankyu Kyoto line.)
ParkingNo customer-only parking
Closing dayIrregularly
Opening Times9:00am-5:30pm
NotesPlease bring your cosmetics if you wear makeup after the experience.

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