Machiya Experience


Experience Overview

Why not experience and enjoy the atmosphere of a traditional Kyomachiya thoroughly?
Kyomachiya is a long building with a narrow street frontage, stretching deep and therefore it is also known as “unagi no nedoko (eel beds)”.
Here, you can enjoy watching several gardens which are huge and luxurious, unique to a wealthy merchant house, as well as gorgeous and valuable furnishings.
It is an unforgettable experience where you learn about the strong preferences and tastes of the successive family heads and the lives back then.

Recommendation Points

Walk and look around the building designated as the national “registered tangible cultural property”.
You can get a glimpse of a machiya different from those normally seen around Kyoto, for it is the site of a wealthy merchant house.
You can learn about the culture of Nishijin and listen to the history, as well as stories of machiya.

Let's Start

You are welcomed by the space with a high ceiling as soon as you enter, and can watch the architecture called “hibukuro (firebox)” to prevent fire from spreading.
Open the hidden fusuma (papered sliding door), and it turns out that it was not a closet but there appear the stairs to the second floor.
The tea room called “Rakuju” was supervised by the head of Mushakoji-senke (the tea school). The nijiriguchi (low entrance of a tea room) is usually created outside, however, here it is created inside; you can feel the consideration for guests so that it would not be inconvenient even on rainy days.
On the 100-year old lacquered table with the beautiful mother-of-pearl work and the seasonal ornaments, and in the ebony shelf which dates back to older days, books of noh (Japanese musical drama) music, which the head of the family back then favored, are put.

Visitor Feedback

I was impressed by the gong hung on a splendid ivory ornament at the entrance. The size and the state of preservation of the architecture were fantastic, and so were the living space for the family created with the carefully selected wood in the back of the house as well as the beauty of the casually arranged wickerwork. I got to look at the precious machiya different from those which are widely known.

Message from Staff

The huge garden and the unchanged furnishings are the must-see. We look forward to your visit.

Shop Information

Nishijin Tondaya (Machiya)

ContentsMachiya Townhouse Tour
DurationAbout 45 minutes
Price¥2,000(tax excluded)
Payment on the same day
Experience planPlan A...Machiya Tour, Tea Ceremony, Kimono Dressing, Traditional Bento Lunch
Plan B...Machiya Tour, Tea Ceremony, Kimono Dressing
Plan C...Machiya Tour, TeaCremony
Plan D...Machiya Tour, Kimono Dressing
Credit cardsMajor cards accepted only for buying products
Cancellation feeThe day beforethe previous : 50%
On the day: 100%
GroupUp to 90 people
Notes for childrenPlease keep an eye on small chiliden to not touch ornaments or assets .

NameNishijin Tondaya
AddressIchijo-agaru Omiya Kamigyo-ku Kyoto, Japan, 602-8226
Access・25min by bus No.9 from Kyoto station
Get off at "Ichijo-modoribashi Seimei-jinja mae" 3min walk from bus stop (City bus)
・20min by bus No.12 from Shijo karasuma
Get off at "Ichijo-modoribashi Seimei-jinja mae" 3min walk from bus stop (City bus)
3min walk from Imadegawa Omiya bus stop (City bus)
ParkingAvailable only for the bus
Closing dayOpen every day
Opening Times10:00am-5:00pm(Last entry is 4:00pm)
Notes・Please bring your socks. A pair of stocking is not allowed (For protecton of cultural propaties)
・Price would fructuate around the New Year's holiday season.

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