Kyoto Fushimi Dayuu


Experience Overview

Do you know what “tayuu” is? They might look like maiko or oiran (courtesans), but they are actually different. Tayuu refers to a professional of traditional performing arts and of high status. “The top tayuu is chosen only once a year, one person per town. Only those who are acknowledged as great performers can be tayuu”, says the landlady of “Jidai Isho Okamura”, located in Fushimi Ward, Kyoto. Here, you can transform into Kyoto Fushimi tayuu, the lady at the top of all tayuu! After splendid hair arrangement, putting glamourous makeup, and wearing the gorgeous costume, you can experience to take a walk in the city of Kyoto.
After your transformation, many people would be interested in the way you look and would tell you that “you look beautiful!”, when walking around the city. Steal the spotlight, and be the talk of the city!!

Recommendation Points

・A very friendly landlady dresses you up while talking about tribia of tayuu, maiko and oiran.
・You can experience with a traditional and authentic tayuu, and not an oiran arranged in contemporary style.
・After your transformation into tayuu, you can have a photo shooting session using accessories at the annex. You can then take a walk around the area.

Let's Start

First, choose the kimono. You can choose your favorite one from over 500 kimonos. There are kimonos that have been used for film shootings because the owner used to work in the movie industry! There are a lot of exclusive kimonos here!
Next, transform yourself into a tayuu! 2 staffs put makeup on you, arrange your hair and dress you up at the same time. A characteristic of this shop is ‘Zige-yui’(Doing up your own hair without wigs)! The owner do up your hair with your own hair, so the finish looks very natural.
The owner uses a special cosmetics for ‘Mizukesyo:水化粧’; a makeup method with a face powder dissolved in water. She selects herb extract-containing cosmetics gentle to the skin using. Also, water used for makeup is special. She go to draw ‘Fushimi no meisui’ (The famous mineral water of Fushimi) every morning.
After makeup, you dress in kimono. The owner ties a obi-sash with hands for each person. She chooses the way of obi-sash according to the request from guests. She is particular about hand-tying in order to offer an authentic transformation.
Lastly, put kanzashi (the Japanese ornamental hairpin) and apply lipstick. The transformation is now complete!
Once you become a tayuu, you can move to the annex for photo shooting. It is a Japanese-style building with the particular warmth to it, and the landlady will give you advise for posing for photos with accessories, too!
She will tell you about the must-go sightseeing spots nearby. Take a walk in your tayuu costume and take photos at places with the unique atmosphere! Many passers-by have talked to us! Outdoor walking is included in all of the plans at Zidaiisyo Okamura . So, you can walk around without worrying about time!

Visitor Feedback

There are not a lot of places where you can wear an authentic tayuu costume, and it was a very valuable experience for me this time! The staffs were very friendly and kind, they even served me tea after the experience. I sure did have a good time! Thanks to bintsuke abura (hair oil) they put on my face before makeup, I feel like my skin has become softer. If you are looking for a place to wear costumes in Kyoto, choose this one! Highly recommended.

Message from Staff

We maintain a relaxed feeling, so the guests can enjoy in the fun and warm atmosphere! You can try various costumes experience here, not only Kyoto Fushimi tayuu. If you have a particular costume or a role you would like to try out, please consult us, even if it is not on the experience menu on our homepage; we try our best to suit your needs. Contact us!

Shop Information

Jidai Isho Okamura

ContentsKyoto Fushimi Tayu Experience
DurationAbout 1 hour
Price¥16,740(Tax in)
Payment on the same day
Credit cardsUnaccepted
Cancellation feeYou won't be charged for the cancellation.
ContactMobile:090-7103-2660 TEL:075-605-0678
GroupUp to about 50 people
Notes for childrenAbout 3 years old〜(Plans for kids available)

NameJidai isyou Okamura
Address4-94 Minamishinchi, Fushimi-ku, Kyoto, Japan, 612-8228
AccessA one-minute walk from Chushojima Station. Chushojima Station on Keihan railway.
ParkingNo customer-only parking
Closing dayIrregularly
Opening Times10:00am~20:00pm
NotesPlease bring your cosmetics if you wear makeup after the experience.
They accept your request about the experience. as much as possible

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