Japanese emblem dyeing experience


Experience Overview

Uniquely Japanese emblem and pattern dyeing experience is offered at the dyeing studio with approximately 150 years of history. You can choose whichever you like from amazingly rich design variations, such as a famous samurai family emblem, or a birth flower emblem.
Also, you can dye your name translated into Japanese letters on the goods. This is the special menu offered only on this website! Your name written in Japanese will be so cool you would surely want to brag about it to your family and friends.
You can participate in the workshop empty-handed, and can take back the goods with you; why not drop by during your sightseeing?
The fun and cheerful owner welcomes you with the best smile!!


Recommendation Points

・You can make goods with a uniquely Japanese traditional emblem
・You can dye your name transformed into kanji (Japanese characters)
・You can experience the technique of the dyeing studio with approximately 150 years of history
・You can make a beautiful artwork in a short period of time, and the work can be taken home right away

Let's Start

Choose the product to make at the experience; a wrapping cloth or a purse. A purse only comes in black, but you can choose a wrapping cloth from several colors. Wait and see which colors are available at the studio!
After choosing the product, choose an emblem. A famous samurai family emblem, a birth flower emblem, an anime character…there are various designs to choose from. Each one of them is very Japanese and unique, you will have a hard time deciding on one!
To dye an emblem on a cloth, you use a special pattern. This is the original pattern with the name, translated into Japanese letters, written on it. A staff will make yours with a unique combination of kanji.
This special menu is only available from “Things to do in Kyoto”!
It takes a knack to dye beautifully. But do not worry; the owner shows you how, and teaches you the tips to dye in detail.
Before dyeing the product, practice a little with the tools. The result depends on the angle of a spatula or the pressure, so it’s important that you get a hold of it at this phase!
There are 12 kinds of dyes. You can choose your favorite color according to the design and the color of the cloth. Special dyes made at the studio are colored beautifully. Put a lot of dye on a spatula, a heaping of it.
Set a spatula with dye on it on a cloth, and smooth it out from top to bottom! The dye stretches smoothly, so be careful not to put too much pressure.
Turn over the pattern, and you can see the emblem and the name dyed beautifully!
Dry the dye and it’s finished. After it dries out, it doesn’t come off even if you touch it, although you should avoid washing it with water and try dry cleaning instead.
The emblem and the name are beautifully dyed on the cloth! It is the one-and-only product with your name on it.
No doubt it will be your favorite item even after you go back to your country!
You will find well water, cherished by the most famous tea artist in Japan “Sen no Rikyu”, at the studio site! You can drink it there, or bring it back in a plastic bottle.

Visitor Feedback

It was a very fun experience where I got to make my own souvenir. I discovered new things about unique Japanese emblems, and my name translated in Japanese was so cool. To dye the cloth you need to have a skill, but I am truly satisfied at how it turned out!

Message from Staff

Recommended not only for yourself, but also as a souvenir or a gift for your loved ones! There is the perfect and cool kanji for every name. We are looking forward to spending a fun time at the workshop with you!

Shop Information

Banba Senkogyo

ContentsJapanese emblem goods experience
Duration1 hour
Price5000 yen(tax-in)
Credit cardsMajor cards accepted
Cancellation fee ・2 days prior to your scheduled day : 50%
・On the day: 100%
Group1 people~up to 50 people
Notes for children3 years old~
Small children must be accompanied by parents.

NameBanba Senkogyo
Address 75, Ryusuicho, Nakagyo-ku Kyoto-shi, Kyoto, 604-8242, Japan
9 minute walk from Subway Karasuma Oike station
12 minutes walk from Subway Shijo station
12 minutes walk from Hankyu Railway Karasuma station
ParkingAvailable for a car
Closing dayWeekends and National Holiday
Opening Times9:00~16:00
NotesMake a reservation a week in advance

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