Junihitoe(12 layer kimono) experience


Experience Overview

Layering colorful kimono over kimono and wearing her beautiful and long hair down…some of you might have dreamed about Japanese princesses in the Heian period. Junihitoe is known as the costume which appears in the famous Heian-period novel “The Tale of Genji” and which was actually worn by Murasaki Shikibu. There is a place in Arashiyama, Kyoto, where you, too, can try wearing junihitoe, the Japanese traditional kimono.
It is exciting to watch yourself transform. Enjoy a taste of the elegant world away from everyday life!

Book from this page, and you’ll get to wear a long black wig for free! The reservation button can be found at the bottom of the article.



Recommendation Points

・Transform yourself with mizugesho, the traditional Japanese makeup!
・Wear the authentic and Japanese costume which is intricately made
・Bring back home the high resolution photos taken at the studio, as a souvenir

Let's Start

Start with makeup. Change into a designated underwear and do your hair in a bun.
Remove all makeup you are wearing and put “bin tsuke abura (hair oil)” all over your face. “Bin tsuke abura” is made of plant-based oil such as Japan wax, and does not harm your skin!
Put on oshiroi (whitening powder for skin). For the upper part of the face, a pinkish color is used, and for the bottom part of the face, snow-white powder is used. By using two colors, your face will look three-dimensional.
Put on oshiroi in layers to make the face look beautifully white. You might wonder if this all-white makeup is bad for your skin, but all the cosmetics at JIDAIYA ARASHIYAMA are made of natural ingredients and are great for the skin!
Put red eyeshadow on your white face and then apply black eyeliner. Fix the shape of eyebrows, and your face will look stunning!!
Apply red lipstick to finish it off!!
Next comes wearing a costume. Staffs who studied under the period costume theater coordinator and have deep knowledge dress you.
The costume is made from the scratch, taking the materials, the patterns and the colors into consideration, to suit the era; you can wear an authentic Japanese costume. The layered colors on junihitoe look beautiful.
Layers and layers of kimono are tied with only one belt. You will be surprised at how so many kimonos can be tied with just one belt, and be amazed at the beauty of wearing junihitoe.
After wearing junihitoe, put on a wig and be ready for a photo shoot. A professional staff will take your photos at the photo shooting studio. You can even take photos with your own camera. Photos in which you pose in various ways will be the greatest memory for you when you go back to your own country!
The junihitoe experience is over with the photo shoot! Take off junihitoe, and it will look like a cast-off skin!

Visitor Feedback

I had so much fun at the junihitoe experience, watching myself transformed into someone else in a special Japanese costume and makeup! Junihitoe was very heavy, but not so much that I could not move. The photos were beautifully taken, and I cannot wait to brag about it to my friends and family. I had such a fantastic day!!

Message from Staff

Junihitoe is a traditional costume in Japan. The colors layered on junihitoe are so beautiful, and this experience is a very popular menu. We also have other menus where you can wear authentic Japanese costumes including those for men. We welcome couples as well as friends!

Shop Information


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ContentsTemporary costume transformation experience
Duration1 hour 30 minutes to 2 hours
Price19,440 yen (tax included)
Credit cardsPayment on the same day
Cancellation fee ・1-3 days prior to your scheduled day: 50%
・Your scheduled day or no show: 100%
Group1 people ~ up to 10 people
Notes for childrenAlthough not particularly age, height 110 cm or more ~

Address4-10, Sagatenryuji Tateishicho, Ukyo-ku Kyoto-shi, Kyoto, 616-8375, Japan
Access・JR San-in Main Line (Sagano Line) Saga Arashiyama Station 5-minute walk
・Keihoku Electric Railway Arashiyama Station 5 minutes on foot
・Hankyu Arashiyama Line Arashiyama Station 15 minutes on foot
Closing dayMonday (public holiday is open, next day off)
Opening Times9:00~17:00
NotesPeople who are making hard contacts may have their make-up removed.Just to be sure we recommend bringing a contact case.

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