Japanese Incense Making Experience


Experience Overview

Have you ever felt “the scent of Japan”? For example, there is the unique japanese aroma when you enter a Japanese temple. This is from the traditional Japanese incense. The incense is from natural ingredients such as fragrant wood. During the Asuka period (538), “Ko” (incense) was communicated to Japan; a long time has passed since then, and Japanese people have built the culture of incense with the unique sensibility. “Kodo” (traditional incense-smelling ceremony), where one enjoys incense, is one of traditional Japanese performing arts as well as “Shodo” (calligraphy) and “Sado” (the way of tea).
At this incense making experience, you can create and arrange Japan-like incense yourself.
Fragrant wood is especially valuable, and some of them cost 300,000 yen (about 2,600USD) for 10g. Enjoy these real ingredients of quality, and experience the incense culture which is unique to Japan!

Recommendation Points

You can directly get in touch with expensive ingredients of incense.
You can blend various incenses to create your own incense.
You can take back your original incense in a lovely kinchaku (purse) made of Japanese textiles.

Let's Start

First, blend 8 incense ingredients which are prepared, and create the foundation of the incense.
The shop staff explains in detail about the amount and the characteristics of each ingredient.
When the foundation is completed, add the ingredients of your choice.
Ask for advice from the shop staff, and create your favorite incense.
Now the incense you really like is created.
At last, put it in a lovely purse made of Japanese textiles.
The original nioi bukuro (scent bag) is completed!
What could not fit in the purse can be wrapped in washi (Japanese paper) and you can make fumiko (incense to put in a letter) out of it.

Visitor Feedback

It was very nice that I could create the “Japanese incense” I’ve felt in temples and such, and that I could take it back with me.

When blending the incenses, each ingredient has its distinctive character and it was hard for me to decide, but thanks to the shop staff who gave me precise advice, I got to create the incense I love.

It was such a fun and wonderful experience that I wish to visit again to create a different type of incense.

Message from Staff

There are not a lot of opportunities where you can actually touch the ingredients of incense. I wish you would enjoy feeling the aroma of each ingredient, and experience of creating your own incense.

Shop Information

Yamadamatsu Incense Wood Co., Ltd
ContentsJapanese Incense Making Experience
DurationAbout 45 minutes
Price¥2000(Tax in)
Payment on the same day
Credit cardsMajor cards accepted
Cancellation feeYou won't be charged for the cancellation.
Group2 people ~ Up to about 20 people
Notes for childrenAbout 6 years old~
Small children must be accompanied by parents.

NameYamadamatsu Incense Wood Co., Ltd
Address149-1 kageyukoji-cho, kamigyoku, Kyoto Japan 602-8014
AccessBus: No.202 or 204 Get off the bus stop "Karasuma-Marutamachi".
Subway:Karasuma-line Get off the station Marutamachi. .
Closing daySunday and national holiday
Opening Times10:00am~5:30pm
NotesPlease do not wear perfume before the workshop

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