Japanese Confectionery Making Experience


Experience Overview

Wagashi (Japanese confectionery) having a history of over 300 years is one of the traditional and exclusive crafts of Japan.
People from overseas often evaluate that “it seems the mixture of arts and foods!” “It is too elegant to eat”. And there are some questions about “the existence of the place people could learn how to make these things”. The answer is yes. There is a place where you can experience to create Kyoto Style Confectionery by yourself in Kyoto.
Therefore, this time we have participated in the world profession of Kyoto Style Confectionery Class at “Sohonke Yoshihiro” located in the central part of Kyoto city.

Recommendation Points

1.You can be exposed to the culture of Kyoto Style Confectionery with more than a 300 year history.
2.You could be taught by female Kyoto Style Confectioner who is few in the member of artisans in traditional Japanese sweets. (It is not necessarily so)
3.According to the changes of the seasons, you can experience to create Kyoto Style Confectionery on a seasonable motif.

Let's Start

First of all, we had to wash our hands, and antisepticise with alcohol for sterilization.
We got down to experiences. The artisans have given guidance us gently. By mainly using spatulas and spoons, we created 2 types of fresh sweets appropriate for the season.
The first confection we made were the motif of a pine tree. We observed the example and handled it carefully...
And then, we made the second confection, which is the motif of Japanese plum.
It is done! The upper-half of the confections were samples , and the lower-half of the confections were our own making.
After we made the confections, the craftsman showed us the demonstration of Japanese confection. The confection the craftsman created was an orange just like the real thing.
Matcha (Green tea) and the confection were prepared while we were watching the demonstration. If you hope you could taste Kyoto Style Confectioner that you created a moment ago on site. Enjoying the newly made Confectioner is the best way to get deliciousness.
Finally, they provided us the presentation of a certificate. The memories have shaped into this!

Visitor Feedback

Today, we have experienced to create 2 types of fresh sweets (on pain and Japanese apricot motif). If anything, we thought that making the Japanese apricot shaped was trickier. We were not able to handle tools such as spoons well. We found these difficult too. However, I would like to strongly recommend this experience to other friends of mine because I could get through it with the lecture from artisans even though I do not usually deal with utensils in terms of cookery.It was amazing!!

Message from Staff

We hope a lot of people can be exposed to the culture of Kyoto Style Confectionery which is Japanese tradition having a history of over 300 years.

We would be glad if you could enjoy creating Kyoto Style Confectionery with our authentic atmosphere.

Shop Information

Sohonke Yoshihiro
ContentsKyoto Style Confectionery experience
DurationAbout 75 minutes
PriceGeneral fee: 1,950 yen × No. of participants
Children: 1,620 yen × No. of participants (younger then high school)
Payment on the same day
Credit cardsUnaccepted
Cancellation feeIf you need to cancel, please contact us by 12:00 p.m. the day before the scheduled class.
Please be aware that if you cancel on the day of the class, you must pay the entire class fee.
GroupUp to about 75 people
Notes for childrenSmall children must be accompanied by parents

NameSohonke Yoshihiro
Address22 higashi-gekkou-cho,nishinokyo, nakagyo-ku, Kyoto, Japan, 604-8422
AccessA 5 minutes walk from the west gate of Nijyo Station.
Nijyo station on the Sagano-Sanin line.
ParkingNo customer-only parking
Closing dayIrregularly
Opening Times9:00am~6:00pm
Notes・We need to be on time
・Please take care if you have allergy to eggs, wheat, red-beans and white kidney beans.

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