Japanese confectionery making experience


Experience Overview

Why not make artistically-created, beautiful and traditional Kyoto wagashi (Japanese confectionary) yourself?
Colorful wagashi which represents four seasons in Japan is one of the widely-known traditional cultures in Japan. If you visit Kyoto, the city which has the largest number of wagashi shops in Japan, do dig deeper!
At “Kagicho”, the wagashi shop which has won numerous awards, you can learn how to make wagashi directly from a professional chef. Do not worry even if you are clumsy! A chef will teach you step by step. Only from this website, you can take a private lesson.
For wagashi designs vary according to the season, look forward to what you will be making until the day of the experience. Have a great time at the wagashi experience in Kyoto, where you can fully enjoy four seasons as well as traditions in Japan.


Recommendation Points

・You can make wagashi which is designed according to each season
・A private lesson for only one group a day by a chef
・You can look closely at beautifully crafted wagashi

Let's Start

First, wash your hands thoroughly. The towel you use to wipe your hands will be used again during the experience, so make sure to keep it clean.
Beautiful crafted confectionery is exhibited at the back of the shop. There are valuable works which won the best prize at the biggest exposition in Japan, held once every four years, too.
Moisten the towel you used to wipe your hands. This moist towel will be used to wipe your hands during the experience.
At the experience, you get to make two kinds of seasonal wagashi. It was summer at the time of the photo shoot; we made wagashi of morning glory, the flower which represents summer in Japan. First, the chef shows you how.
After watching the chef’s skills, try it yourself. The main ingredients of wagashi are sweet white bean paste and rice cake. They are sticky, and it is quite hard to handle them…
You can make the same design twice, so do not give up even if you failed the first time! You will be more skilled with the tools at the second try, and it will look better.
Next, make a sweet pink-colored fringed pink. Mix white and pink ingredients to create gradation of colors. There are more steps in making this design and it is a bit harder than the first one.
A fringed pink will look good if you can make beautiful flower petals! Use a spatula to adjust the shape of flower petals. It requires focus, for it is a delicate work.
Use chopsticks to finish it off with the yellow decoration at the center…and ta-da! How does it look compared to the chef’s?
Enjoy matcha(green tea) and wagashi to wrap up. Spend a relaxed time looking at the crafted confectionery exhibited in the room. You can take back what you made.

Visitor Feedback

It was not easy to make beautiful confectionery, but the chef helped out a lot and I had a great time even though it was the first time for me. Japanese confectionery and crafted confectionery were very artistic and beautiful. It was a great experience where you can enjoy and learn Japanese traditional culture.

Message from Staff

Anyone can make pretty wagashi The lesson is for one group a day, and you can do it at your own pace. Enjoy Japanese taste and season through wagashi!

Shop Information


ContentsWagashi making experience
Duration1 hour
Price2500 yen(tax-in)
Credit cardsCashi only
Cancellation fee ・1-3 days prior to your scheduled day: 50%
・Your scheduled day or no show: 100%
Group2 people~up to 20 people
Notes for children4 years old~
Small children must be accompanied by parents.

Address 331, Kagiyacho, Shimogyo-ku Kyoto-shi, Kyoto, 600-8178, Japan
4 minutes walk from Subway Gojo Station.
13 minutes walk from Subway Shijo Station.
Closing day Saturday(Irregularly) and Sunday
Opening Times9:00~18:00
Notes・We need to be on time
・Please take care if you have allergy to eggs, wheat, red-beans and white kidney beans.

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