Ikebana Flower Arrangement Experience


Experience Overview

‘Ikebana’ is one of the most widely-known Japanese words. Ikebana often translates as “flower arrangement”, but did you know the difference between Western flower arrangement and Japanese ikebana?
Western flower arrangement uses many flowers to fill in the space, whereas ikebana is an art to create a space on purpose to make the shapes or the lines of plants look even more beautiful. Through ikebana, we learn to respect the nature as well as to be grateful for it.
But there is no need to think too much. An experienced teacher will kindly teach you, and you can enjoy and learn through practice. The time spent quietly to face the flowers will calm your heart too!


Recommendation Points

・You can learn the basic skills of ikebana, the Japanese traditional art.
・A teacher teaches you history of ikebana and ikebana style.
・You can use fresh seasonal flowers delivered by the flower shop on the day
・You can experience the Kyoto-esque atmosphere in a machiya (townhouse) built 80 years ago

Let's Start

Enter the 80-year old machiya, and a teacher welcomes you with a great smile. She is very laid back; you can relax and start the experience even if you are a beginner.
Ikebana often translates as flower arrangement, but its essence and the features differ greatly from Western flower arrangement. The concept and the features explained by the teacher are very interesting!
Ikebana looks beautiful not only from the front, but from any direction. Learn the technique to make the plants and the flowers look beautiful by arranging the depth, the angle and the length.
You can use fresh flowers delivered directly from the flower shop on the morning of the experience. Feel the four seasons of Japan through the episodes of flowers or the events of the year which can be told only that time of the year.
And now, it’s time to practice it yourself! With points taught by the teacher on mind, freely express yourself and arrange flowers the way you want them to be.
Decide the position of the main flower, and then combine other flowers to arrange it the way you want it to be. Remember to take a look from many directions, and find the most gorgeous angle for the flowers.
When you are not sure of the combination, do not hesitate to ask the teacher. She will give you precise advice based on your ideas.
Use the technique taught in the lecture, and arrange the flowers with care. It is important to learn how to use scissors to stabilize the angle of flowers!
When completed, the teacher evaluates the work and re-arranges it when necessary. Add a bit of the teacher’s advice, and your work will be even more artistic and beautiful.
Take a picture with your work to wrap up. The photo taken with a big smile on your face will be a great souvenir for you!

Visitor Feedback

We got to spend a very relaxing time in this great experience. Not only did we arrange flowers, but the teacher taught us the history and techniques in detail, and it has been a wonderful class. We would like to do it in our country too!

Message from Staff

We hope you feel the Japanese traditional spirit in ikebana. Please feel free to drop by just the way you visit your friend’s house!

Shop Information

Ami Kyoto

ContentsIkebana flower arrangement experience
Duration90 min
Price5500 yen(tax-in)
Credit cardsUnaccepted
Cancellation fee ・1 day prior to your scheduled day : 50%
・On the day: 100%
Group1 people~up to 6 people
Notes for children6 years old~
Small children must be accompanied by parents.

NameAmi Kyoto
Address 373-26 Horiike-cho, Higashiyama-ku Kyoto Japan 605-0038
3 minutes walk from Subway Tozai Line Higashiyama Station.
10 minutes walk from Randen Shijo-Omiya Station.
Closing daySunday
Opening Times10:00~17:30

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