Ceramic Art Experience


Experience Overview

Isn’t it wonderful if you could use the pottery you made at the dining table?
Forming pottery by hand is easy even for beginners. You’ll get enough support during the process so there’s no need to worry. If you run out of clay, or if you want to make a large pot or something, you can purchase additional 500 grams of clay for 800yen.
Please enjoy the experience feeling the gentle coolness of clay.

※For completion in order to bake your pottery. It will take about 1 month.
※Shipping fee for completed goods will be charged. Hand-delivery is also possible at the workshop.


Recommendation Points

The pottery class takes place in a historic building which used to be a Nishijin textile factory.
It is beginners friendly, and plenty of support will be provided.
It will take only about an hour, so you can drop by during your tour.

Let's Start

Imagining your final product, pick a color from a variety of colors.
Keep in mind that your product will shrink in the oven and make it a little bigger. Note also that if you make its mouth too large, it will deform in fire.
Wind is not good for pottery in the process of its production. The heat of your hands will also dry your work, so it's better not to touch it for so long a time if you want to make a nice one.
Print patterns on the surface by pressing an earthen stamp, put your signature on the bottom, and your product is all ready for fire.

Visitor Feedback

Thanks to support provided, it was easy than I had previously thought.

The feel of cool, gentle clay was calming and made my mind focused.

Works displayed and sold at the side of the entrance are also superb. Visitors should take a look at them also.

Message from Staff

How about experiencing pottery at a traditional machiya-style house in the Nishijin area of Kyoto? Beginners shouldn't worry, we will be glad to help you! Please drop by!

Shop Information

Yonezawa Kobo

ContentsCeramic Art Experience
DurationAbout 1 hour
Payment on the same day
Credit cardsUnaccepted
Cancellation feeYou won't be charged for the cancellation
GroupUp to 20 people
Notes for childrenAbout 4 years old〜

NameYonezawa Kobo
Address208-4Onmaedorisansuke-Cho,Kamigyo-ku, Kyoto,Japan, 602-8356
Access・ 8min walk from bus stop "Senbon Demizu" (City bus)
・ 7min walk from bus stop "Kitanotenmangu" (City bus)
・ 7min walk from bus stop "Oshogun" (City bus)
・13min walk from Enmachi Station (JR Sagano line)
ParkingNo customer-only parking
Closing dayIrregularly
Opening Times9:00am-7:00pm
NotesPlease prepare the cloth you can get dirty because we deal with mud in the workshop
※For completion in order to bake your pottery. It will take about 1 month.
※Shipping fee for completed goods will be charged. Hand-delivery is also possible at the workshop.

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