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Yasui Konpiragu breaks off your bad relations!?


Do you have a relation you want to break off?

Probably, most of the people who visit shrines hope to form a connection with someone or something.
Based on ideas of Shinto (the Japanese traditional religion), there are myriads of gods (Yao yorozu no kami) in Japan, for example, the god of love, the god of money, the god of hair, the god of the mountain and god of a toilet…Japanese people pray to a variety of gods.

Then, it isn’t strange that there is the god of breaking off relations, is it?

There is the god who break off an evil connection at Yasui Konpiragu near Gion area.
”Luck is against me…” or “Nothing is going to go well for me…”
If you have such worries,why don’t you visit Yasui Konpiragu?
The god of Yasui Konpiragu not only breaking off your bad relation, but also forming a good relation!

I found something scary...

Walking on Sando (an approach to a main shrine)

And purify your hand at the chozuya.

As soon as I entered the precinct, I saw the strange thing….I was a little scared.

I was curious about what is that, but I firstly went to the Honden (main shrine building).

How to pray at the power stone

The strange thing is the power stone monument for breaking off bad relations and initiating good one. I will explain how to pray!

1.Write down your wishes on Katashiro (substitution paper charm). Please make your courtesy money of more than 100 yen for Katashiro.

2.Holding your Katashiro in your hand and reciting your wish in your mind while going through the monument in the direction from front to back.

3.Although the manner is same as step2, you go through the monument in the direction from back to front.

4.In the end, you stick your Katashiro on the monument.

What will you pray?

Of course, there is an Emas (a votive horse tablet).
I was wondering what visitors wrote down on Emas.

“I hope that my mother can break off the relation with the disease,and she will recover completely”
“I hope that I can part with my negative thinking, and I will have a nice encounter ”
“I hope that the boy I like breaks up with his girlfriend, and I can be together with him”
“I hope that I can divorce my husband smoothly, and he leaves the house soon”


You shouldn’t wish evil to others, but you have to break off bad relations in order to get good relations.
You will be happy after visiting Yasui Konpiragu!

Yasui Konpiragu <安井金比羅宮>

Adress 京都市東山区東大路松原上ル下弁天町70
70, Shimobentencho,Higashio-ji Matsubara Agaru, Higashiyama-ku Kyoto-shi, Kyoto, Japan
TEL 075-561-5127
Open Whole day
Access ・10 minutes walk from Gion Shijo Station on the Keihan line
・15 minutes walk from Kawaramachi Station on the Hankyu line
・10 minutes by city bus No.206 from Kyoto station, and 1 minutes walk from “Higashiyama Yasui” bus stop.