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There is one of the famous gods at Ebisu shrine!


Let's visit to meet the smile to make you happy!

You will be happy just looking at this smile…

Ebisu-sama is one of the seven deities of good luck of Japan called “Shichifukujin”. Shichifukujin refers to seven deities which are believed to bring good luck in Japan.
It is said that if you worship Shichifukujin, you will receive seven forms of happiness.

Ebisu-sama gives us benefits of good commerce ,bountiful grain harvest and bountiful fishing. Therefore, Ebisu-sama has really loved by common people.

Because he can't hear well...

Ebisu shrine is located near Gion area. The big worshiping festival held for five days there on January, every year! Of course, the shrine is usually quiet, so you can worship at your own pace.

After you walk through under the Torii gate, you can see the Ebisu-sama statue.

The way of worshipping is the same as other shrines.

After you finish worshipping in front of the Honden (main shrine building), you don’t leave the shrine soon. Because you have to do the most important thing.

You can find another offertory box and the note at the left side of the Honden!
The note on the wall tells visitors “Please tap at the wall gently”

Ebisu-sama is hard of hearing because he live for a long time. He can’t hear the sound of the bell in front of the Honden. That is why people have come to tap the wall since the Edo period.

Please don’t surprise Ebisu-sama! Tap the wall gently..gently…

Wait! Don't leave yet!

I finished worshipping at the front and left side of the Honden. OK, I leave….No, one more thing!

I looked up the Torii gate…
What’s that?!

Coins were on the mi (winnowing bascket) near Ebisu-sama’s face!
Because the rumor spread that people will receive a good thing if he or she could throw a coin in the mi, visitors tried to throw a coin at Ebisu-sama’s face!

I will feel bad towards Ebisu-sama…but I recommend that you try to throw a coin when you visit Ebisu shrine!

Kyoto Ebisu shrine <京都ゑびす神社>

Adress 京都市東山区小松町 大和大路通四条下ル小松町125
125 komatsu cho, yamato oji shijo sagaru, komatsu cho, higashiyama-ku, Kyoto-shi, Japan
TEL 075-525-0005
Open 8:30~17:00
Access ・6 minutes walk from Gion Shijo Station on the Keihan line
・8 minutes walk from Kawaramachi Station on the Hankyu line
・10 minutes by city bus No.17 or No.205 from Kyoto station, and 5 minutes walk from “Kawaramachi Matsubara” bus stop.