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The famous spot to view lotus flowers in summer ~Houkongouin~


The representative flower of Buddhism; Lotus

The Buddha sits on the plinth of a lotus and the Kannon (the Goddess of Mercy) holds a lotus.

Although lotus flower comes into bloom in mud, it has a beauty and brilliance without dyeing a color of mud. The appearance of lotus is likened to Buddha’s mind, and it is said that the flower that blooms in pure Land Buddhism. Therefore, it can be said that lotus is the representative flower of Buddhism.

Houkongouin is one of the sights of lotus in Kyoto. About 90 types of lotuses come into bloom for one month from the beginning of July.

Lotus flowers viewing

The signboard wrote as ‘Kanrene’(Lotus viewing ) is displayed at the entrance.
Houkongouin offers the opportunity for people enjoy to see lotus flowers for three weeks from the 2rd Saturday of July.

Lotus flower open in early morning, and close in the afternoon. Although usually the gate of Houkongouin open at 9 o’clock, it open at 7 o’clock during Kanrene.
Entrance fee is 500 yen.

Lotus leaves covered the surface of the pond.

Most of the lotus were still in bud, because I visited Houkongouin at the opening day of Kanrene.

Not many but a variety of lotus bloomed in the garden.

Various flowers blooming from season to season in the garden

The garden of Houkongouin is known as a beauty spot for cherry blossoms in spring, for iris in early summer, for hydrangea in rainy season and for autumn leaves in autumn. I still could see hydrangea flowers.

Visitors spent a holy and peaceful time while looking at the beautiful garden in the Raido (worship hall).

The Amida Nyorai statue, an important cultural property, is enshrined at the Butsu-den (Buddha hall) in the rear of the Raido. Taking photos within the Butsu-den is prohibited.

'Kanrene' is held for 3 weeks

Kanrene is held from July 8th to 30th in 2017.
It is a precious limited-time opportunity.Beautiful lotus flowers will sooth your soul!

Houkongouin <法金剛院>

Adress 京都市右京区扇野町49
49, Ouginocho, Ukyo-ku, Kyoto-shi, Kyoto, Japan
TEL 075-461-9428
Open 9:00~16:00 *’Kanrene’ 7:00~16:00
Entrance fee 500 yen
Access 5 minutes walk from Hanazono Station on the JR sanin line