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Kyoto:Good unknown spot temple


Kyoto:Good unknown spot temple

Speaking of Kyoto, it is now famous worldwide for sightseeing!
In Kyoto,there are many temples and shrines and world heritage, foreign tourists are increasing one after another from all over the world.
Recently,There are a lot of tourists and I cannot go sightseeing calmly.Sometimes such things happen.
I want to see Kyoto calmly, but I can not see slowly with plenty of tourists! Don’t you think so?
To that person, this time we will introduce the temple in Kyoto where you can really Slowly sightseeing: )
Actually I live in the nearer this temple, but I have not seen a place where tourists are flooded here.
So you can sightseeing calmly!
But it is a really nice place!

kyoto myoman-ji temple

Myoman-ji Temple is the Sohonzan (grand headtemple) of the Kenpon Hokke Sect located inSakyo Ward, Kyoto City, Kyoto Prefecture.
This temple belongs to the Nichiren sect of Buddhism, and was originally built in 1383. Formerly it stood at Teramachi Nijo but was moved to its present location in 1968.
You can see one of the three gardens of 雪月花, “雪の庭(Snowy Garden)” handed by Teitoku Matsunaga, the founder of Haikai.
The grounds are free to enter, but there is a fee (500 yen) to visit the main buildings and the inner garden.
The garden is called Yuki-no-niwa, or snow garden, so I imagine it must look spectacular in winter.
However, it looked very fine when dressed in spring green too. The viewing room is a good spot to rest and be at peace.

The point

It is the front gate of Myoman-ji temple.

More than 3000 trees of azalea were planted in recent years in front of the front gate near the Koi ( carp ) pond.
The flower season of azalea is late spring around May.

There is a carp in the pond.There is a flavor.

As you go inside,One road of stone pavement continues to the main building of a temple.

Reprica of the stupa of Bodh Gaya built in 1973 仏舎利大塔

There is a concrete copy of the famed stupa at Bodh Gaya, India, where the historical Buddha gained Enlightenment and a graceful statue of the Buddha within.

Photos of the main building of a temple.

The inside the main building of a temple was forbidden to photography:-(


Go inside and see the “Snowy Garden(Yuki-no-niwa)”.
It was really quiet and the mind calmed down.

garden is very nice.
It is not a seasonally “snow” garden, but …
The green is beautiful!

you can relax because there are no people:)

Other photos

The main building of a temple has wonderful views of Mount Hiei.

talisman are sold here.

There are toilets and rest areas, so you can sightseeing calmly!

Four Seasons of Myoman-ji temple





How was it?:)

Nearby there are Entsu-ji Temple, Kibune shrine, Kurama Temple and others.
When going near you certainly, please go to “Myomanji-temple”!

総本山妙満寺<Myoman-ji temple>

adress 91 Hataeda-cho, Iwakura, Sakyo-ku, Kyoto.
Tel 075-791-7171
access A five-minute walk from Kino station (Eiden Line).
Twenty minutes on foot from the last stop–Kokusai Kaikan–on the Karasuma subway line.
admission adult:500yen
Elementary and junior high school students:350yen

※The precincts are free.