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kyoto places to visit -The first surrounding of Gojo-


Kyoto travel article start!

Hello! Nice to meet you!
We are 京左衛門(Kyozaemon) and 豆うさ(Mame Usa).

We will travel around Kyoto, and introduce great things about the city, secret places and yet-to-be-known spots.
This is our first article!! We visited Gojo to Shichijo in Kyoto☺
The red square shown in the below map is where we walked around.


From Shijo to Gojo…

Checking the map located in the city, we arrived at the intersection of Karasuma Gojo after walking for around 10 minutes from Shijo Karasuma!


For those who start from Kyoto station, we recommend visiting Gojo Karasuma first; it is only 1 station away (2 minutes) from Kyoto station on the Karasuma Subway Line!

① Ichihime Jinja Shrine, protecting women and markets

We first visited “Ichihime Jinja Shrine”, also known as the shrine for women!

All the deities that “Ichihime Jinja Shrine” is dedicated to are goddesses.
And because of that, this shrine is said to protect women and to make all the wishes of women come true!
There were many male visitors as well, for this shrine is also protecting markets.




First, clean your hands here.
Check here for how to clean your hands at the shrine!

This is spring water called “Amenomanai”.
They say if one drinks this and put hands together, a wish will come true.
See the red dolls on top of the well?

/A lot of red dolls!\

What are these dolls…? You can read about them here☺

② Kodakara (blessed with children) spot in Kyoto! Have you heard about “Kyo no Yotsugi San”?

Next, we visited “Jotokuji Temple”, located right next to “Ichihime Jinja Shrine”!!
This temple is famous for its yotsugi jizo (yotsugi means “heir” and jizo means “guardian deity of children”) which blesses visitors with children and easy labor!!
That is why this is called the spiritual site for those who want a baby.

Around jizo temple hall where yotsugi jizo is enshrined, you can see lots and lots of ema (wooden votive tablets) and “yodarekake (bibs)” with visitors’ wish written on them tied to the wall!

On the back of yotsugi jizo, lined. There are mizuko jizo and shichifukujin.


/Taking a photo with shichifukujin!\

Please read the article here regarding ko jizo, shichifukujin and yotsugi jizo☺

Buildings along Takase River

Walk east from Jotokuji Temple, and a small river will appear in front of you. We walked along the river.

③ Minamoto no Toru Kawarain Ato…Minamoto no Toru, the hero of “the Tale of Genji”, used to hide from the public and live here.


④ Miyake Seika…We found a hidden sweet shop!! It looks more like a confectionery factory than a sweet shop, but you can actually purchase sweets here. When we were trying to look inside, the staff showed us how to make sweets☺ We bought pine needle-shaped sweets made of soba flour, raisin cookies and coconut rings with crisp coconut on them! They were only 500 yen in total.
The staff even gave us small koyakuraki topped with sesame to try for free!! A sweet shop which keeps making the same confectioneries for more than 30 years; we were lucky we found it.






⑤ Eating cookies by Kamo River…Walk a little from Takase River, and you will see Kamo River. We had cookies we just purchased here. It is nice and sunny today♡



⑥ Takase River Ship Turning Point…In the old days, the width of the river was around 9 meters and there was a sandy beach. People used this spot as a ship turning point…hard to imagine from Takase River as of today.


⑦ Sauna no Umeyu…Kyoto is known as the sacred land for those who love public bath; many old public baths remain in Kyoto to this day.
The building of Sauna no Umeyu dates back to the Meiji period, and the retro atmosphere is popular among foreigners as well!!
They hold many “event at the public bath” including concerts and flea markets.



⑧ Taimatsuden Inari Jinja Shrine…Go straight to south and we arrived at a small shrine.
When we entered the stone torii, a vermillion-colored torii appeared.
A small hidden shrine.
We googled it and it looked like a shrine with history…well, Kyozaemon and Mame Usa will play with suzuno-o (bell cord)…:-o





⑨ Shosei-En Garden…When we walked along the garden, we found that they had very cute roofing tiles! Let’s visit here again in spring when all the flowers will bloom☺


⑩ Ayako Tenmangu Shrine…And the last place we visited this time is “Ayako Tenmangu Shrine”, the foundation of Kitano Tenmangu Shrine, famous as the deity of studies. This is popular among students preparing for an exam, for Sugawara no Michizane, the deity of studies is enshrined!!
You can check the information regarding Tenmangu Shrine and the must-see in Ayako Tenmangu Shrine on this article!! It was a quiet shrine with a solemn atmosphere.



\This is the nanny of Sugawara no Michizane, Tajihi no Ayako/


Many places to see in the Gojo to Shichijo area!

We found many photogenic spots just walking from Gojo to Shichijo.
It was the district with very Kyoto-esque buildings which made us feel relaxed:D

The billboard with history and the unique atmosphere


Great words in front of the temple


Ganka Geka Iryo Kigu Rekishi Hakubutsukan
(Ophthalmology and Surgery Medical Instruments History Museum)


Good old café


Retro Japanese sweet shop


Colorful ikezuishi, only seen in Kyoto

*Ikezuishi…A stone put on the street so that people or cars cannot walk close to the building or the house

How was this area?

Did you enjoy reading our article about the trip from Gojo to Shichijo in Kyoto? You must have found many places to see which cannot be found on guidebooks;)
It is easy to visit from Kyoto station, and there are many more chic cafés we failed to introduce here. For those who had enough of famous touristic places in Kyoto, or who do not like crowded places but wish to feel the uniqueness of the city, this district is strongly recommended. You might be able to feel the new and fresh Kyoto:D


\Looking forward to seeing you in the next article/


Bye bye!!

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