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Do you know The shrine that baldies go to!?


The shrine that baldies go to!? The spiritual hot spot for hair in Kyoto

It is often said that Japanese are the people without religion, but they do have a custom of folding hands and praying for deities at shrines and temples. It is well known that they mainly pray for business success, well-being of family members, health and longevity, school success and such; but did you know that there is a god whom balding people pray for?

Mikami jinja (shrine) in Arashiyama, Kyoto is the only shrine in Japan where the god of hair is worshipped.
It’s the hidden spiritual hot spot for hair, visited by those who have a problem of thinning hair around the world!
It is said that Japan is a country where countless deities reside, yet the god of hair can be worshipped only at this shrine. All the more interesting!

For those who have trouble with thinning hair, do not miss out!!

What kind of shrine is Mikami jinja?

It was built in 1961 (the 1st year of the Showa era) originally by the parties concerned in the beauty industry, to pray for healthy hair. The actual person who lived in the Kamakura period, called Masayuki Unemenosuke Fujiwara, is worshipped.

※Masayuki Unemenosuke Fujiwara statue.

Masayuki Unemenosuke Fujiwara is said to be the forefather of the beauty industry in Japan. He and his technique were highly appreciated by the shogunate government. In other words, he could be regarded as the god of all hair and beauty salons in Japan. So, he is not the god specialized in growing new hair per se, but many people who have a problem with their hair visit this “one and only shrine for head and hair in Japan” every day to worship him. On ema (votive horse tablet) you can see their desperate prayers.

・May my dad’s hairline not recede any more

・God! Please protect my hair

・STOP hair loss! GET UP hair roots!

・I want more hair!!
Et cetra, the cry from the soul of those who wish to gain hair. :-p

It seems that Japanese celebrities who worry about thinning hair visited Mikami jinja and worshipped deities to make their wish come true.

※a votive picture tablet

Let’s visit Mikami jinja!


There is a unique way to worship at Mikami jinja, which makes your wish regarding hair come true. It is called “kenpatsu (donating hair)”. Kannushi (Shinto priest) cuts a little bit of your hair, and you put it in a special bag for donating hair to offer it to the god of hair. It might make your wish come true if you are having trouble with thinning or balding hair, or if you are hoping to be a hairdresser or a beautician. On top of that, write your wish on ema (votive horse tablet) to worship- and you are all set!!

There are various hair growing methods out there, but it might be good to count praying to the god of hair in, too. For those who have thinning hair, why not try worshipping this shrine for hair growth?

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Mikami jinja

There is a red flag when walking …
Easy to understand color:)

Mikami shrine is near the pond.The air is clean here.

Mikami shrine is a very small shrine.It is quiet.

There are omikukuji and ema!There is also an amulet.

It’s a cute amulet:-)

About Mikami jinja(shrine)

Address Tabuchiyamacho 10, Sagaogurayama, Ukyo ward
Telephone 075-882-9771
Open hours 10:00-15:00
Access 10-minute walk from Randen (Keifuku Railway) “Arashiyama station”
15-minute walk from JR “Saga-Arashiyama station”
20-minute walk from Hankyu Railway “Arashiyama station”

You may visit and worship freely, but the shrine office is only open from 10:00-15:00.
If you wish to donate your hair, make sure you visit within this period of time.