What is Maiko-san like?_ Different ways to pose like one!!


What is Maiko-san like?

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Many people think, “I’ve come all the way to Kyoto and would like to make a lot of memories……experience things that are unique to Kyoto, take lots of pictures for a souvenir!” Maiko Experience is very popular among tourists.

There are various facilities where you can try a maiko experience, and in most of them, professional photographers make you strike a maiko-like pose that looks beautiful for a photo shoot. There are also plans in which you can walk around the city of Kyoto in a maiko costume. In most cases, you can take pictures of yourself freely while taking a walk; have fun taking each other’s photos and looking at the photos after the experience. Walking around in Kyoto looking like a maiko will be an unforgettable experience of your travel!

But when you look at pictures taken by yourself, you might wonder that something is a bit off and you don’t look quite like an authentic maiko… In this article, we show you the points to look like a real maiko in photos, using the photos of an authentic maiko in Kyoto! Please refer to this article when you travel to Kyoto for a maiko experience;)

Maiko hides her hands in most cases



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If you are interested in maiko, you might be quite familiar with the pose in the above photos. When a maiko is sitting down as well as standing up, she hides her hands with the sleeves of a kimono. According to a maiko,

・In old days, maiko used to believe that their souls would be sucked out or that it would shorten their life when taking a photo, and they tried to at least hide their hands

・The pose which is unique to maiko

・Maiko (geiko) do not paint their hands white except when they are on stage, and thus wish to hide their hands

You just bring tamoto (a sleeve of a kimono) forward and put your hands below it to hide!! Make sure to lay one tamoto on top of the other to make them look small and more beautiful!! Just by doing this, you will look like a real maiko! Be careful to show the pattern on tamoto beautifully☺

Maiko does not show her teeth



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Now, on to a maiko’s expressions. It is better not to show your teeth at the maiko experience photo shoot. This is because your teeth would look yellowish no matter how white your teeth are, for they can never be whiter than the color of oshiroi on your face. Also, a maiko always covers her mouth with her hands when she wants to laugh and does not usually show her teeth. At your photo shoot, try to do the same thing; do not show your teeth, life the corners of your mouth and smile; that is the best expression. You might want to practice smiling in front of the mirror before the maiko experience.

Even the tips of a maiko’s fingers are delicate


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The clear difference between photos of authentic maiko and those who take photos at a maiko photoshoot is the elegance of the tip of their fingers. Maiko dances and are always careful about the movement of their tip of fingers……! It is delicate and elegant even in pictures. At a maiko experience, try to be conscious about keeping your fingertips closed and long, and pose as an authentic maiko!

The back shot


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Darari no obi is the special feature of maiko!! You should also take photos of the neckline in your maiko make-up! You can only wear make-up and a kimono like this at a maiko experience. The back shot of maiko is very charming and attractive. To take a photo of the back like a real maiko, be careful of the way you stand and where to put your feet, as well as to keep your back straight.

The most important thing when taking photos is “to have fun”!!

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There might be rules for authentic maiko to be in photos, but the most important thing is to keep the fun moment in your memories! There do exist photos of real maiko where they laugh showing their teeth, or making a peace sign! Pretend to be a maiko in Kyoto at your maiko experience, and take a lot of great pictures☺

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