Tips of SAMURAI weapon, “Japanese sword”!


Can you imagine SAMURAI?

Please imagine a figure of SAMURAI you know.

What kind of clothes?

What kind of hairstyle?

What kind of things does he have?


Perhaps the image of clothes and hairstyle differ with different persons.  However, probably most of the people imagine a same thing…

“Japanese sword”, don’t you?


Japanese sword, which has artistic figure made with exquisite technique, is praised highly by the world.  

How much do you know about Japanese sword?

There are a few people know about  Japanese sword so much even Japanese. Let’s solve questions about  Japanese sword reading this article!

What is Japanese sword?

Japanese sword is a general term for cutlery made with the original method of Japan. Although Japanese sword is known as a samurai’s weapon for battle, it is said that it was developed as a thing for admiration originally.

What is the difference between Western sword and Japanese sword?

Western sword is a weapon mainly chopping. Western sword is able to fight against many enemies because it doesn’t lose the power even if it is slightly nicked. Otherwise, Japanese sword is a weapon cutting against a small number of enemies.

Japanese sword is the same thing as “Katana”?

Katana is a kind of the Japanese swords. It is a cutlery with a blade length of over 60cm made after the Muromachi period(1336-1573). Samurai that appears in film or anime mostly has Katana.

Why samurais have two Japanese swords?

Wearing two swords is a formal style for a samurai.  Main sword called “Honsashi”, subsidiary sword called “Wakisashi”. Samurai was required to wear two swords by law in the Edo period.

What role does Japanese sword has?

Japanese sword was used as a fighting weapon of course,  and even as a self-defense weapon In addition, it is dedicated to a shrine or a temple as a sacred treasure.

What is great about a Japanese sword?

Japanese sword is a perfect weapon, which has a function of “Not to break, not bend, and sharply cut’. It is said that the cutting quality is the world’s strongest.  And, its beautiful shape and  brilliance like an art attract from all over the world.

Japanese swords are made still now?

Japanese sword has been made by about 300 craftsmen who have a permission from the Japanese government.  However, craftsmen can make only up to 24 swords in order to protect the value.

Is it possible to buy Japanese sword by an individual?

Anybody can buy a Japanese sword.  However, the act of buying and selling Japanese swords without a registration is prohibited. And, when you bring to overseas from Japan, you have to submit an application.

Anybody can use real Japanese sword?

It is dangerous that inexperienced parsons and amateurs use a real Japanese sword. But…you want to experience the cutting quality of a real Japanese sword, don’t you?

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You are already intellectual person about Japanese sword!

Japanese swords are not only weapons for samurais, but also an art  that Japan boasts to the world.

When you come to Japan, why not to appreciate Japanese swords of national treasures and important cultural properties at museums and enjoy the samurai experience with a real Japanese sword!!