The important word for soba noodle restaurants


Speaking of Japanese noodle dishes…?

When you hear Japanese noodle dishes, what comes to mind?

Although there are a variety of noodle dishes in Japan, the most ingrained noodle dish for the daily lives of common people has been “Soba noodle”.

Surprisingly, it is said that the history of buckwheat (soba) in Japan goes back more than 9000 years.

However, soba became thin noodle-shape only from about 400 years in the Edo period.

Up until then, people eat “Sobagaki”, which is a dish made by mixing buckwheat-flour with boiled water.

Soba noodle created in Edo (Tokyo) spreads throughout the country, and you can easily find a soba noodle restaurant anywhere in Japan.

Soba noodle restaurants have a common point

Most soba noodle restaurants have a Noren (shop curtain) and hung it at the front entrance, and most Noren curtain written restaurant’s name and the word “手打ちそば; Teuchi-soba”.

“手打ちそば; Teuchi-soba” litterally means “Handmaid soba noodle (without machine)”.

Taste and texture change depending on the way of mixing, kneading and cutting.

Teuchi-soba made by each professional soba-noodle chef show their individuality, but the basic way of making soba-noodle is no difference.

Soba noodle chefs train to learn the basic way for a long time.

The training of making soba noodle

There is a phrase “Kibachi-sannen, Noshi-miitsuki, Houcho-mikka”.

The phrase means that in order to learn making soba noodle, it takes 3 years for Kibachi, 3 months for Noshi and 3 days for cutting.

“Kibachi” is a skill of mixing soba flour with boiled water, “Noshi” is a skill of spreading dough with a rolling pin, and “Houcho” is a skill of cutting dough equally.

Accordingly, it takes 3 years, 3 months and 3 days for mastering the method of soba noodle making.


You can be a soba noodle chef ?!

You need a hard training and a long period of time to become a soba noodle chef. But…would you like to make soba noodle by yourself?

Then, I recommend you “the one day soba noodle making experience” in Kyoto!

You can learn making soba noodle from the chef with authentic tools at Umehara soba noodle making class.

Soba noodle made by yourself may be more delicious than popular soba noodle restaurant for you!!


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