Seasonal designed confectionery in Japan


What Japanese confectionery do you know?

Have you ever eaten Wagashi (Japanese confectionery)?






There are still many kind of confectionery in Japan!

What is the highest rank Japanese confectionery?

Even though every Japanese confectionery is tasty, there is the rating. Do you know which Japanese confectionery is the highest rank?

It is “Namagashi”(fresh and moist confectionery).

Namagashi is a confectionery with a tradition and a history, which is served at a tea ceremony and formal events. It can be said that Namagashi which decorated colors and delicate workmanship is a work of art. 

Some Japanese confectioneries expressing the season changes at shops in a short period. Especially, Namagashi has cherished the season in Japan. Now, I will introduce seasonal Namagashi confectionery in Japan.

Kind of Namagashi Japanese confectionery for each season.

I show you Namagashi Japanese confectioneries for each season. But these are only a part of the designs. There are many kind of designs because each Japanese confectionery shop has original Namagashi. Also confectioners creative new designed Namagashi year by year.

People can feel the change of the seasons by Namagashi in Japan.









You cannot bring back ‘Namagashi’ to your country.

There are a lot of confectionery shops in Kyoto,where tea ceremony culture was prosperous. You can easily find colorful and artistic confectioneries when you walk around Kyoto. However it is impossible to bring back Namagashi to your country, because it is a delicate and perishable confectionery with high moisture

Souvenir is not only things but also memories!

Instead of a real Namagashi, why don’t you make a memory as a souvenir? “Kagicho”, the Japanese confectionery shop which has won numerous awards, offer the Japanese confectionery making lesson to tourists.

You can make a reservation on this site!

When you come to Kyoto, why not experience Japanese traditional technique and feel Japanese season through Japanese confectionery?