How to eat soba noodle correctly?!


Do you eat buckwheat in your country?

There are many dishes made with buckwheat in the world. For example; galette in France, pizzoccheri in Italy, Roti in Nepal, blini in Russia, and so on.


Speaking of Japanese buckwheat dish…

Soba noodle!


You can make soba yourself!

How to eat soba noodle in Edo style

1.Order “Zaru soba” or “Mori soba”


2.Drink a little soup and check the thickness of the taste before eat soba noodle


3.Eat only soba noodle


4.Don’t pick soba noodle too much


5.Put condiments on soba noodle (Don’t put into the soup)


6.Don’t dip soba noodle into the soup too much


7.Slurp soba noodle with sound


8.Put soba-yu into the rest of the soup, and drink it  *Water used to cook soba is served as a beverage, called “soba-yu”


9.After eat soba, leave immediately from a restaurant

The history of Soba noodle in Japan

In Japan, soba has been eaten over 9000 years. However it is said that today’s soba noodle style was born only over 400 years ago, in the Edo period, in Edo (Tokyo).

Soba noodle became established in Edo in the early 1800s. The food cultures had refined while forming the Japanese aesthetic sense called “粋:IKI” by Edokko (people who lives in Edo). Originally, soba noodle shop is the place where adult people enjoy having soba noodle with alcohol. The vestiges are still left as the custom of IKI.

Probably, most of people overseas has image that Japanese people makes sounds while eating soba noodle.But, there is no rule how to eat soba noodle.

I will just introduce how to eat soba noodle in IKI style.

How to enjoy soba noodle perfectly?

When you try the above way at a soba noodle restaurant, restaurant staffs might say “You are IKI person!”. There are a lot of soba noodle restaurant in Kyoto.  How to enjoy soba noodle is not only eating it at a restaurant, but also making it yourself.  I highly recommend that you try to make soba noodle yourself in Kyoto!  

Please read the article of soba noodle making experience!! You can make a reservation for the soba noodle making lesson on the page.


Why don’t you try the original way of eating with soba noodle made by yourself?!

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