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“Things to do in Kyoto”, we post a variety of information about Kyoto!

We deliver tourist spot information where you wish to visit when you come to Kyoto and  real voices that only we can  introduce such as cultural experiences reports and craftsmen ‘s introduction , etc.

In addition, we also post points and manners you should pay attention to in Kyoto and introduce unique words which is unusual in Kyoto!

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Kyoto is filled with historical traditions, beautiful natures, stylish spots and so on.

 I have traveled around the world as a backpacker, so I’m good to explore back alleys 😛

I love to stroll around the Kyoto city with my camera and search great spots.

We deliver you exciting information gathered on our foot!







I really love Kyoto because I feel like time passes slowly. Spending time at quiet temples and shrines relaxes me.

We introduce many beautiful and quiet places on this website. You should visit!

I’m glad that you enjoy Kyoto referring to our website♪